Specific improvement cases of the hottest bagasse

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Specific improvement case of bagasse conveying system

the original scheme of a sugar factory designed the above "three belt" system (see Figure 2). Because there is a coal transportation road under the slag unloading place, the flat conveyor belt that will create employment opportunities will be extended, crossed the horseshoe, and then overlapped with the call conveyor belt. I am basically the idea of the old "three belt" conveying system. The bagasse conveying route is: conveyor No. 1 and conveyor No. 2 at the outer end of the crushing workshop. At the same time, there is a grating machine bottom layer and a boiler slag outlet on the projection screen. The bagasse calling and delivery route is: Yugong or mechanical slag adding No. 1 and No. 3 conveyor No. 1 and No. 2 conveyor upper layer No. 2 conveyor lower layer boiler slag outlet. The author believes that the original design is not ideal, the whole system is too large, and the investment is too high. From the perspective of manufacturing and maintenance, it is also necessary to consider the length of conveyor 1. Due to the terrain constraints, the slag yard and coal yard are closely arranged, which will inevitably affect and cross each other

during the installation, we negotiated with all parties and made bold improvements to the whole system. Based on the previous analysis, a full "two belt" system is installed. Conveyor 1 is connected from the central line of the press to the center of the pawn ground of the two workshops, which is single-layer and one-way transportation. Conveyor 2 (the rear half of conveyor 2 is double-layer) is connected from the elevation of 3.5m to the slag outlet of the boiler room, which is double-layer and two-way transportation. The bagasse conveying line is: conveyor 1 and conveyor 2 at the outer end of the crushing workshop, upper conveyor 1 and conveyor 2, lower boiler slag outlet. If the slag outlet is closed, the remaining bagasse will be sent from the lower layer of conveyor 2 to an elevation of 3.5m and fall. When bagasse is called for delivery, it is added by the horizontal delivery section of unit 1 and unit 2, and then passes through the slag outlet of the boiler at the upper layer of unit 1 and unit 2 and the lower layer of unit 1 and unit 2. At the same time, considering the possibility of bagasse flow drying in the future. Compared with the "three belt" system, the total length of the system is shortened from 8.3m to 67.8m

according to the general layout specification, the minimum distance between the boiler room and the main workshop is 20 meters, and the distance from other workshops is 12 meters. The actual distance between the press room and the boiler is 32 meters due to the convex mountain of the refining workshop. Therefore, as long as the distance between bagasse stacking and boiler is more than 12 meters, this land can also be used as a temporary bagasse yard. And the side of bagasse near the press room is always safer than the side near the boiler room

2 improved effect

(1) save investment. It can save a 37 meter call and send belt. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden period of Kemen's growth and rapid growth. The belt can be shortened by 14 meters and the trestle can be saved by 47 meters. A total of 1.8 million yuan of investment was saved, accounting for 40% of the original plan

(2) improve the environment. The height of slag unloading is reduced from l2.5m to 3.5m, which reduces dust pollution and is conducive to environmental protection

(strong support for the development of national economy and the construction of national defense science, technology and industry 3) conducive to fire protection. It is conducive to plant safety and fire prevention, and fundamentally solves the problem of bagasse crushing the outer wall of the boiler room

(4) reduce cross. It reduces the land occupation of the auxiliary area of the boiler room and avoids the intersection with the coal transportation system

(5) shorten the installation period. Since three conveyor belts are changed into two conveyor belts, the length of the two conveyor belts is relatively close, and the transmission device and other components can be used in general, which saves the installation workload and is conducive to the maintenance of the equipment

(6) save energy. As a 7.5 kW motor is saved, the energy consumption of the whole system is reduced

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