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Specific application of pet hot filling line in Nongfu mountain spring

Yangshengtang group, founded in 1993, was first engaged in medicine and cosmetics business. Soon after, I saw the huge market of bottled water and mineral water in China, and founded the brand of Nongfu mountain spring in 1996. He chose to set up three filling plants in Zhejiang Province, not far from Shanghai, and the water source was Qiandao Lake. In these three filling plants, a total of 5 filling lines are provided by Krones. In 2001, Nongfu Shanquan broke away from Yangshengtang group and became an independent company

what really helps Nongfu mountain spring develop significantly is the bottled water part. From 1999 to 2003, the market share of Nongfu mountain spring bottled water increased from 16.4% to 20.8%, and firmly occupied the first position in the market. In 2003, the total output of China's bottled water market was 90million HL, of which 18million HL came from Nongfu mountain spring. Nongfu mountain spring bottled water is mainly packaged in 380 ml, 550 ml, 1.5-L, 4-L, 10-L and 5-ga. the bottle cap has two kinds of sports cap and rotating cap

At the end of 2002, Nongfu mountain spring was keenly aware of the market potential of mixed drinks and began to produce fruit juice drinks and 100% pure fruit juice. SARS in 2003 made consumers pay more attention to food hygiene, which promoted the development of bottled beverage market. Secondly, consumers began to choose beverages with various vitamins. To meet these needs, Nongfu mountain spring immediately launched a series of fruit juice drinks, which were successful soon

expand the western market

in recent years, the government has been encouraging enterprises to develop in the west to drive the economic development of the West. Nongfu mountain spring also conforms to this trend in China's plastic machinery market and established a bottled water plant in Jilin in 2003. At the beginning of 2004, Jilin factory installed a Krones hot filling line and two sets of contiform h 16 cavity bottle blowing units. Later, Nongfu Shanquan set up a factory near Danjiangkou, Hubei Province. At that time, the unemployment rate in Hubei Province was very high, and the infrastructure was relatively weak compared with the coastal areas

the reason why Danjiangkou is famous is mainly because of its dam built in 1975. It is estimated that if the same load is driven, the dam will deliver 700 km2 of water to Beijing during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

however, Nongfu mountain spring moves faster. The new factory started construction on August 18th, 2003 and was put into use eight months later. The plant takes water directly from the dam mouth with a suction pipe and uses a multi-channel filtration process. Bottled water is processed and packaged into bottled water from factories in the South and "transferred" to the north. In addition to the domestic 10000 BPH bottling line, there is also a 36000 BPH hot filling line of Krones, which is mainly used for the filling of orange juice, carrot juice, tomato juice and mixed juice

bottle weight determines the equipment speed

380 ml and scientifically and reasonably organize the on-site construction and installation of 600 ml wide mouth bottle blanks, which are processed in Danjiangkou factory, with the weights of 28 g and 34 g respectively. If the production capacity of the factory's own bottle blank is in short supply, it will choose outsourcing processing. The weight of outsourced bottle blanks is generally slightly heavier, and the quality must be as high as that processed by the factory itself. Bottle weight is one of the three most critical factors affecting the effect of hot filling, which are filling conditions, equipment speed and bottle weight

the hot filling temperature is generally 88 ℃± 1 ℃, which is higher than the softening or vitrification temperature of pet, which will reduce the output of bottle blowing equipment: because the higher the temperature is easy to need, the slower the bottle blowing speed is. If the bottle is heavy, it can make up for the loss of production due to temperature. The output of contiform h 16S is 1200 bottles/hour, and each unit has 16 membrane chambers, with high operation efficiency

hot filling and bottle blowing equipment: heating and cooling

the two contiform h 16S in Danjiangkou adopt the type bottle blank processing mode. The formed bottle blank is sent to the infrared oven for heating, and the maximum temperature can reach 120 ℃, which is closest to the crystallization temperature of plastic, and also avoids the internal stress that causes the bottle to shrink and deform

the blowing temperature is about ℃. Through the release of the mold, the preform has reached the most ideal crystallization temperature, and almost all internal stresses have been eliminated. The key in this process is to control the contact time with the mold

in order to avoid bottle deformation during demoulding, cooling means must be used. Here, a kind of inflation method is adopted. High temperature compressed air is blown out from the hollow rod to selectively reduce the temperature of some specific areas of the bottle

bottle blowing stability

in order to obtain qualified hot filled bottles, the stability of the processing technology is very important, and even the smallest technological fluctuation will affect the quality of bottles. The temperature of the preform, the materials used, and the process of blowing and cooling are all crucial

in terms of equipment, the difference between the bottle blowing unit and the bottle blank mandrel must be minimized. In addition, mold heating and oven control must also be very strict

one thing is very special in the factory of Nongfu mountain spring, and it is also rare in Asian beverage factories. That is, the diameter of the bottle mouth of the preform is 38 mm, and there is no crystallization bottleneck. To successfully process this type of bottle, there must be specially designed processing equipment. "The contiform h 16S is the most perfect device that Nongfu mountain spring has ever used. The whole installation and trial operation process was very smooth without any twists and turns." Pan, deputy director of Nongfu Shanquan Danjiangkou factory, said

36000 BP turnkey project outside the warranty period

the 36000 BPH filling line provided by Krones for Nongfu spring in Danjiangkou is an integral turnkey project, including the cooling system and temperature detection of preforms, storage loading equipment and preform feeders. The downstream equipment of conform h 16S is air conveyor belt and independent filling room

the filling machine of Nongfu mountain spring adopts the metering system of all electronic sensory vpgl-pet. Long tube bottom filling is adopted, and the filling process is relatively soft. It can also fill beverages containing fruit pulp, but at present, Nongfu mountain spring does not use the function of fruit pulp filling. Through the detector, the equipment accurately controls the filling volume, and timely closes the valve at the lower part, and then the filling pipe completely enters the bottle. The valve group is electromagnetic pneumatic control, which is especially suitable for beverage filling. The filling can be carried out according to the program design, and can be recorded and called at any time

vpgl filling is divided into three steps: slow fast slow, soft and accurate filling. After filling, the bottle mouth is sealed with a rotating cap. The Nongfu mountain spring factory in Jilin uses sports covers

visual temptation: before leaving the filling room, check the filling volume of the bottles after filling according to the environmental standard

to confirm whether it is excessive or insufficient. After that, the bottleneck is disinfected. Lie the bottle on the side of the conveyor belt and disinfect the bottleneck and bottle cap with high-temperature products. After this process, the bottle is cooled to about 40 ℃ by Krones' cooling device for subsequent labeling

Nongfu mountain spring adopts contiroll sticker. For hot filled PET bottles, the ring label is not the most commonly used one, but the ring label has its own advantages. Although the handle of the label is very good, if the shrinkage process is uneven, the overall effect will be affected. Environmental standards will not have this problem

the labeled bottles enter wrappac w 45 packing machine. In addition, you can choose to shrink the set packaging. The sales scope of Nongfu mountain spring is not only limited to Hubei, but also nearby Jiangxi, Chongqing, Hunan and Shaanxi. (end)

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