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The specific production of steel barrel closed hoop

for a long time, the closed hoop produced by our factory, the processing technology 180 d=5a, is produced in accordance with the traditional processing technology, that is, cutting strips with steel plate - rolling round and rolling - stamping straight ends at both ends - spot welding tight ears - galvanizing. The plant leaders attach great importance to the high cost of materials, the large number of employees, the large number of equipment, and the long time-consuming. With the support of the plant leaders, the technology department organized relevant technical personnel to hold an analysis meeting to brainstorm on this problem, and developed a semi-automatic roll opening and roll forming. Hansen suggested that at this time, everyone fill the oil tank with chemical equipment, and only one person can complete the roll hoop rolling process, The work efficiency is increased by three times, which saves labor and time, and greatly reduces the production cost

the specific improvement method of making the closed hoop is:

1. Replace the steel strip with a certain specification of steel strip, which can reduce the material cost and save a superficial process of cutting the strip

2. Improve the closed hoop rolling mill. The original closed hoop rolling machine used a roller to roll, which was very laborious and unsafe to feed into the roller, and the rolling was not easy to adjust. The two sides of the closed hoop were easy to roll differently, and the ends of the closed hoop formed by rolling were always straight. The improved closed hoop rolling mill uses three passes of rolling, which is easy to adjust and safe. The use method is: the steel strip coil of a certain specification is directly sent into the closed hoop rolling machine after uncoiling, and the closed hoop formed by adjusting the required diameter and rolling into a spring-shaped round rolling does not have the phenomenon of straight ends at both ends

3. Set a mold for cutting barrel hoop and connect it with the cutting machine. Place the barrel hoop rolled into a spring shape in the mold, one end of which is close to the positioning device, and then cut it into a closed hoop of the required specification with the cutting machine. In this way, the process of punching straight heads at both ends can be omitted

4. Then spot weld the stamped tight ears on both ends of the closure hoop

--- its output is the pulse voltage with the same frequency as the alternating load and its pulse width is proportional to the error voltage, which is packaged in national steel drums

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