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Shanghai Yanfeng and Kostal jointly developed intelligent innovative interior

according to AP news agency, Yanfeng automotive interior and Kostal announced on the 27th that they had established a strategic partnership, and the CEOs of both sides signed an agreement on the cooperation of intelligent interior display. Under the new strategic partnership, both parties will be committed to embedding human communication (HMI) control system into high-quality display screen and making it a trend

as the world's leading manufacturer and R & D enterprise of instrument panel and seat system with good opening function, door and console, Yanfeng automotive interior, headquartered in Shanghai, has production and R & D centers in 17 countries around the world. Kostal has branches in 21 countries, and its business covers automotive electric systems, industrial electronics, connectors, detection technology, solar cells and other fields. Its HMI parts market is relatively large

both CEOs expressed their views on cooperation. Johannes roters, CEO of Yanfeng automotive interior, said that as a global supplier in the fields of mechatronics and control screens, Kostal has a history of more than 100 years and will be the best partner in this field. He also pointed out that the technology and expertise of both companies will bring greater convenience to users

similarly, Andreas Kostal, CEO of Kostal, said that he was optimistic about this cooperation compared with the original steel structure. He pointed out that in the next decade, there will be a revolution in the automotive interior industry. The cooperation between Yanfeng automotive interiors and Kostal will help both companies provide more services to users, thus leading to technological change. Both sides may not only achieve results in the issue of automotive interior display, but also make the whole industrial chain produce synergy

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