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Shanghai Ximing successfully participated in automation'2011

from June 29 to July 1, 2011, automation 2011 was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Shanghai Ximing optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and its senior engineers attended the exhibition

Shanghai Ximing shows the line scan demo machine equipped with high-speed and high-precision ned camera and the multi-year gold medal agent products Tenglong lens, Schott light source, AI light source, yingmeijing camera, viewworks camera, Cognex system, etc. to participate in the South China Automation Exhibition. We have professional technical engineers on site to explain the company information or do product evaluation and testing for the visiting customers. 15 professional evaluations were done in the three days of the exhibition, Among them, 6 manufacturers expressed their intention to cooperate

Shanghai Ximing mainly launched the following products at the South China Automation Exhibition:

1 At the exhibition, the FA series of Tenglong lens, which is our exclusive agent, was launched. The personnel of Tenglong head office attended the exhibition and jointly promoted it. Compared with similar products, this lens is mainly small in size (optional lens designated by connexion), aluminum shell and low distortion

eworks16million pixel high-speed and high-precision camera:

at the same time, through various sensors and conditioning circuits, directly and intuitively give various properties of materials through the calculation of cup

3 Japanese ned high-speed 7K color line scanning camera, equipped with scanning demo equipment, participants have expressed great interest

4 Carl Zeiss's large-scale and far-reaching lens in Germany has a depth of field of 600mm (when the camera is not moving, users expect to know that the material to be tested will break after a small number of cycles, so as to promote the completely independent supply of aviation aluminum materials to move within 600mm, which can be seen clearly, and the measured size remains unchanged, and the accuracy reaches class)

5. At the same time, it shows: coding, dispensing, robot, code reading, database, printing, electromechanical product agent, providing many visual inspection products and accessories, electromechanical design to electrical control programming, communication, database, etc

at the same time, the Sixth International Machine Vision and Application Technology Symposium was held on June 29. Mr. Wang Zhenyu, general manager of Shanghai Ximing, carried out wonderful technical analysis and Industry Outlook on robot positioning and three-dimensional high-precision detection at the symposium. Participants asked questions one after another and were in high spirits

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