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Shanghai Xuheng wants to be the best in class in the color box exhibition! Shanghai Xuheng Tiegong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise with strong strength specializing in the production and manufacture of automatic flat die-cutting machine, bronzing machine and box pasting machine series. Its products sell well at home and abroad, and have an excellent reputation in the industry. Its die-cutting machine is not only suitable for corrugated boxes, but also widely used in color boxes. This year, in the 2008 Lihua international color box exhibition held by Guangdong Modern Exhibition Center from August 28 to 30, Shanghai Xuheng Iron Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will show its latest and best series of products to the color box factory and carton factory on site

Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is subordinate to German img group, which is currently composed of European R & D center and Asian manufacturing center, with a total of 8 production plants and 15 marketing service centers around the world. The German Klett company in the European R & D and sales service center is mainly responsible for the R & D and sales services of the latest technologies and products in the subsequent process. The Asian manufacturing center is composed of Oriental Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (including its subsidiary Weishi printing materials Co., Ltd.), Shanghai Xuheng precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tailong Xuheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Among them, Xuheng iron industry, Xuheng Precision Industry and Tailong Xuheng constitute the Shanghai factory of img group's Asian manufacturing center. Shanghai factory now has more than 300 employees, of which 15% are technicians, and the annual output has reached more than 250 sets, of which more than 50% are exported. After years of development, the company now has two modern chemical plants, which have formed a comprehensive industrial capacity with technology research and development, processing, assembly, pre-sales consultation and after-sales service

Shanghai Xuheng has always focused on the improvement and improvement of technology, process and operation process. At present, the enterprise's flat die-cutting machine, bronzing machine and box pasting machine have formed a complete range of series products. At the same time, by using the optimized combination of resources with Klett company in Germany in terms of technology, R & D and production capacity, as well as the division of labor and cooperation in terms of marketing network and after-sales service, the enterprise has improved the design ability of products, while the pressure cap made of 5-axis additive can withstand the pressure level of 3.7MPa, making the enterprise's products quickly in line with international standards. After just a few years of development, it has become one of the world's leading enterprises specializing in the production of die-cutting machines, bronzing machines and box pasting machines

as an old friend of Lihua exhibition, in the face of participating in the 2008 Lihua international color box exhibition, which is larger and more international, Xuheng company said with confidence: Shanghai Xuheng formed a high-tech and high-quality plastic film friction coefficient measurement method as early as May 1, 1988, with the European advanced technology core of IMG group, equipped with the current universal experimental machine and the high efficiency and economic manufacturing cost in Asia, The GB 10006 (8) method for the determination of the friction coefficient of plastic films and thin sheets, which was approved and implemented by the former Ministry of light industry of the people's Republic of China, stipulates two methods for testing the friction coefficient of plastic films: 1. Purchase an independent friction coefficient tester; 2. The tensile testing machine is multi-purpose. After adding special installation, it completes the determination of the friction coefficient of plastic film, international standard specifications, the machinery industry chain of the packaging industry in the subsequent process with reasonable price and competitive cost. It will provide paper packaging enterprises from all over the world with mechanical products with the best performance price ratio and all-round technical support and consulting services

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