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Shanghai will play the "head geese effect" to promote the high-quality development of artificial intelligence

original title: Shanghai will play the "head geese effect" to promote the high-quality development of artificial intelligence

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China news service, Shanghai, April 10 (Zheng Yingying) - the Organization Department of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, the Party School of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, the Party committee of the municipal economic informatization work The "special seminar for leading cadres to promote the high-quality development of artificial intelligence" jointly organized by the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission officially opened on the 10th. It is understood that in the next step, Shanghai will focus on the implementation of the national AI strategy, give play to the "head goose effect" of AI, and make efforts from the aspects of industrial layout, technology research, application demonstration, ecological construction, etc

the purpose of this two-day seminar is to implement the spirit of the national "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" and the "Implementation Opinions on promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in Shanghai", interpret the strategic layout of promoting the development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, and create a highland of artificial intelligence in Shanghai

in recent years, Shanghai has taken the opportunity of holding the world AI conference to give full play to the platform effect, further integrate empowerment and innovative development, accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies, open application scenarios, cultivate industrial clusters, and gather global innovation elements, promote the in-depth docking and integration of supply and demand between AI and the real economy, and accelerate the construction of a data-driven, man-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, and co creation and sharing intelligent economic form, Continue to make efforts in the construction of artificial intelligence "Shanghai highland"

according to relevant statistics, the artificial intelligence enterprise cluster in Shanghai has accelerated, with more than 1000 core enterprises, ranking first in the country. Microsoft, Amazon, bat, iFLYTEK and other industry leaders have deployed in Shanghai. Shanghai has initially formed a development pattern led by key innovation demonstration areas such as Xuhui Binjiang and Pudong Zhangjiang, and regional linkage such as Yangpu, Changning, Minhang and Jing'an

at the same time, Shanghai gives full play to its advantages in application scenario resources, promotes AI innovation and empowerment, and strives to build a new smart city in the era of AI. At the end of 2018, Shanghai launched the national implementation plan for the construction of artificial intelligence application scenarios, focusing on the characteristics and needs of megacities, and promoting the first application of new technologies, products and models in Shanghai. The first batch of application scenarios, focusing on 19 specific needs in 10 major areas such as schools, hospitals, communities, factories, parks, etc., adopted the "lead the pack" mechanism to attract more than 170 solutions from around the world to compete on the same stage. At present, Shanghai takes advantage of the situation and takes advantage of it. It has stepped up the solicitation of the second batch of AI scenarios, focusing on 34 specific directions in 10 fields, including medical treatment, education, urban management, as well as communities, villages, business districts and cultural tourism, highlighting social hot spots and urban governance, meeting the people's needs for a better life, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, accelerating the opening of AI application scenarios, and deepening the full empowerment of AI

it is reported that with the deployment of industry leading enterprises in Shanghai, the artificial intelligence innovation atmosphere in Shanghai is more intense. A number of basic R & D platforms have been launched, and a number of industrial innovation centers have finally led to the reshaping and landing development of the ranking among leading enterprises, and a number of major innovation projects have continued to be promoted. At the same time, the innovation ecosystem of artificial intelligence in Shanghai has gradually improved. A number of powerful policies and measures have been issued to further strengthen the research on rules and systems, which has cultivated fertile soil for the integration and innovative development of artificial intelligence

next, Shanghai will focus on the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, and promote the development of intelligent driving, intelligent. Because this technology will continue to be used by many industries, robots and intelligent will first be based on the force value hardware, intelligent sensors, intelligent chips, intelligent software and other industries of the tensile testing machine in the tested area. Implement a multi-level enterprise introduction and cultivation plan, and introduce a number of Chinese and foreign leading enterprises and domestic AI leading enterprises; Increase support for local high growth enterprises and start-ups, and cultivate a number of local excellent enterprises. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of AI innovation system and basic theoretical research, promote the construction of AI industry innovation center and Application Innovation Center, layout several innovation support platforms, and form an innovation chain of technology talent product application. In addition, Shanghai pays more attention to the construction of artificial intelligence talent team, focuses on introducing a number of high-level leading talents, increases the training of artificial intelligence professionals and application talents, and constructs a multi-level talent system

this year, Shanghai will continue to hold the 2019 world AI conference, which will benchmark the international industry event, improve the level of internationalization and specialization, explore intelligent applications and market-oriented operations, create international brands in the field of AI, and promote the coordinated and high-quality development of AI and economic society in Shanghai. (end)

: Ding Baoxiu

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