The hottest relay industry is highly competitive,

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The relay industry is highly competitive, and the market supply exceeds demand.

wanlibao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of general-purpose relays. Its main products include electromechanical relays, electronic switches, etc. Wuzhirong, the manager of the company, said, "at present, there are many relay manufacturers, the competition is very fierce, and the price of raw materials is also rising, and it is difficult for us to reduce the price to win the market, so we are under great pressure." But at the same time, he said, "although the profit of relay is low, we still stay in this industry because the market demand for relay has always been stable, and almost all electronic products need it, so the product market still exists."

automotive relays are widely used to control cars, air conditioners, lights, anti-theft, audio, navigation. Here's how to buy an airbag that can meet the requirements, automotive electronic instruments | instrumentation and fault diagnosis systems. It is one of the automotive electronic components that are most used in cars after sensors. At present, some semiconductor devices replace relays for automotive control. The reform of financial market should be committed to relaxing the access of financial institutions, promoting the marketization of interest rates and establishing a multi-level capital market. Will relays gradually lose this market? For this question, Wu Zhirong said, "I think some advantages of relays cannot be replaced by semiconductor devices. For example, in North America, Europe and other places, there is a big difference in the controller of day and night temperature configuration LCD, and semiconductor devices may not meet the requirements in terms of temperature and current. Moreover, in some places where higher power is required, the advantages of relays are obvious." However, he added, "in the small household appliance industry, there are also cases where semiconductor devices replace relays, which may become a trend earlier than automobile control."

relays are facing more and more popular consumer groups in the industries of communication, automobile, industrial control, household appliances and so on. While manufacturers launch products with better performance, under the pressure of market price competition, reducing costs has become the subject of continuous improvement of enterprises. Just as yield: the load exceeding the proportional limit is no longer proportional to the elongation, Wu Zhirong said: "as a component supplier in this industry, we need to launch products with quality assurance and provide customers with better services, so as to challenge the pressure and better participate in the competition."

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