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Regulations on standardizing the packaging labels of cigarettes sold in China

all units directly under the industry, China Tobacco Import and export (Group) Corporation, China Tobacco Industry Development Center:

now the regulations of the state tobacco monopoly administration on standardizing the packaging labels of cigarettes sold in China 2. Plastic recycling granulator to regenerate the plastic raw materials needed by enterprises after the treatment of waste plastics in daily life (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) are printed and distributed to you, Please follow. At the same time, the relevant issues are notified as follows:

first, all cigarette manufacturers in the industry should carefully conduct a comprehensive inventory of cigarette packaging labels in accordance with the provisions, and immediately start to reprint and print the packaging materials that do not meet the requirements; When it comes to the basic components of the registered trademark of cigarette products, enterprises are allowed to adopt a positive and safe way in the future product transformation and brand integration. The fatigue testing machine mainly relies on system resonance to modify the work step; The newly registered trademark of cigarette products shall not use the prohibited terms clearly stated in the provisions

II. The National Bureau will supervise and inspect the product quality of domestic cigarettes produced after April 1st, 2006

III. imported cigarettes entering China after April 1, 2006 that do not meet the requirements of the regulations shall not enter the Chinese market

September 23, 2005

regulations of the state tobacco monopoly administration on regulating the packaging labels of cigarettes sold in China

in order to strictly implement the relevant national laws and regulations such as the product quality law of the people's Republic of China and the new national standards (GB) of the series of cigarettes, strengthen the management of cigarette packaging labels, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, In combination with the previous provisions on the packaging labels (notes) of cigarette products issued by the state tobacco monopoly administration, and on the basis of fully considering the requirements of the healthy development of the tobacco industry and the relevant provisions of the Framework Convention on tobacco control, the following unified provisions are made on the packaging labels of cigarettes sold in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan):

I All cigarettes sold in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) shall comply with the national standard cigarettes Part 2: package identification (gb5606.) Technical requirements

II. The cigarette box shall also have the Chinese aphorism of "smoking is harmful to health" with the same technical requirements as those on the cigarette strip and box packaging, and the Chinese labels of tar content, nicotine content in smoke and carbon monoxide content

III. The amount of tar marked on the cigarette package shall not exceed 15 mg

IV. the cigarette package shall be marked with the product name. The product name and other product marks on the package shall be in standard Chinese; Chinese pinyin or foreign language can be used at the same time, but the Chinese pinyin and foreign language should be smaller than the corresponding Chinese

v. the efficacy descriptions of cigarette ingredients such as "health care", "curative effect", "safety", "environmental protection" and "low hazard" shall not be used on the cigarette package and in the attached instructions; Do not use "light taste", "super light taste", "soft" and other cigarette quality descriptions; Words such as "low tar", "low tar" and "low tar content" shall not be used; If extreme terms such as "best", "best", "gold medal" have been used, or words with feudal color or false elements such as "imperial", "tribute" have been used, they should be modified in the process of product transformation or brand integration

VI. commodity bar codes must be printed on cigarette packages; The same is true of packaging film in other fields. The bar code of goods can be labeled. The barcode of cigarette commodities must comply with the relevant requirements of the rules for the use of cigarette barcode and the national standard of commodity barcode (GB12904) issued by the National Bureau. The barcode of cigarette strips and boxes should be able to be accurately read during film detection; The quality level detected after removing the smoke film shall not be lower than level 1.5

VII. The "inspection qualified" mark in the "barcode label for cigarette box" used in the "industry cigarette production and operation decision management system" can be used equivalently with the product quality inspection qualified mark currently used by cigarette manufacturers. The state tobacco monopoly administration encourages cigarette manufacturers to use the "qualified" mark in the "barcode label for cigarette cases" to replace the current product quality inspection mark

VIII. Cigarettes packaged in gift boxes must also be marked according to this regulation; The marked content can be directly printed on the gift box or labeled

IX. foreign brand cigarettes sold in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) must use standardized Chinese packaging marks on the packaging, and must also have the words "monopoly by China National Tobacco Corporation"; The cigarette brand marked in standard Chinese must be on the box; The packaging of imported cigarettes must be marked with the country (or region) of production in standard Chinese; If there is a foreign language quality description, there must be a corresponding standardized Chinese translation

X. This regulation is also applicable to cigars and other tobacco products sold in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) (except for cigarette specification, price category, tar content, nicotine content and carbon monoxide content label)

Xi. These Provisions shall be implemented from January 1st, 2006. If the original provisions are inconsistent with these Provisions, these Provisions shall prevail

information source: Zhonghong database collation

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