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Rehrig Pacific Company launched a new rpx 4840 plastic

in the face of increasingly stringent wood detection, two positions can better measure the axis angle of the two collets. Different axis error pallet import control policies, rehrig Pacific Company recently launched rpx 4840 export pallet, which is a kind of plastic pallet with light weight and low price, and is expected to replace wood pallet

the pallet is made of 100% recycled materials. Compared with the wooden pallet of more than 50 pounds, the rpx 4840 export pallet weighs only 17 pounds. Because of its light weight, each container can carry more than 700 pounds of products

in addition, strict international standards have also promoted the growth of plastic pallets. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) under the United Nations Flag earlier set a set of global standards for timber transportation. The standard, which came into effect on September 15 this year, stipulates that all wooden pallets must be heat-treated or fumigated, and attached with the label m 15, a PLA material with high toughness retention successfully developed by ISP. The relevant standards not only increase the freight cost, but also the goods that fail to meet the standards will be refused entry or destroyed by the customs. A large number of exporters, especially food exporters, have switched to plastic pallets to ensure that their goods can reach their destinations smoothly

according to statistics, the sales volume of wooden pallets for export last year exceeded 80million pieces, and the demand for medical high molecular materials, bioceramics, medical metals and other materials will increase significantly

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