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Li Xiangdong's relatives and close friends set foot in Sichuan Mobile's value-added business

Li Xiangdong, former general manager of the data department and general manager of the wireless music operation center of China Mobile Sichuan Branch (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Mobile), and many relatives and friends obtained business from their mobile data field

according to Caixin, one of the seven-year college years of Sichuan Mobile Value-added Service Provider (SP), Chengdu audio interactive information technology Co., Ltd. (next audio interactive), the shareholder Yu Weizhong has a close relationship with Li Xiangdong, and is a fellow townsman and university classmate of Li Zhi

audio interactive was founded on January 18th, 2005. It is mainly engaged in consulting services of telecom value-added services. A number of industries are applied to sp heating furnace. 1) it adopts a split heating furnace business platform and has long-term cooperation with Sichuan Mobile Data Department. During the development boom of IVR (interactive voice response service), the missed call reminder service developed by the company was widely used by Sichuan Mobile

The company was founded by Chengdu chuangsite Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as chuangsite Technology), Yu Weizhong and Qin Xinglan. Yu Weizhong will be the legal person and general manager of the company for China's plastic machinery enterprise market. In the registered capital, the investment of chuangsite technology is 375000 yuan, accounting for 75% of the investment; Yu Weizhong invested 75000 yuan, accounting for 15% of the investment; Qin Xinglan invested 50000 yuan, accounting for 10% of the investment. In 2007, Yu Wei transferred his shares to Huang kefang

audio interaction has extensive business contacts with Sichuan Mobile. Its main businesses include SP services matching with handheld Tianfu recharge card, Tianfu express recharge card, M-Zone, random call, etc

according to people familiar with the matter, Li Xiangdong's ancestral home is Qidong County, Jiangsu Province, and his father worked in Qidong County, Jiangsu province all his life. Yu Weizhong, one of the initiators of audio-visual interaction, has a close relationship with him

Yu Weizhong is not only a fellow townsman of Li Xiangdong, but also a native of Qidong County, Jiangsu Province. In 1983, both of them were admitted to the University of Electronic Science and technology at the same time. Li Xiangdong majored in radio special mechanical equipment and Yu Weizhong majored in radio technology

in an interview with Caixin, Yu Weizhong denied that he knew Li Xiangdong, saying that he did not know Li Xiangdong and that the two sides had no contact at ordinary times. He said that at present, he has no business dealings with Sichuan Mobile Data Department, and it is inconvenient to inform him of any business dealings in the past

however, informed person Xiang Caixin said that although Yu Weizhong had transferred his shares to natural person Huang kefang in 2007, it was actually "left hand for right hand", and Huang kefang and Yu Weizhong were originally related

according to the industrial and commercial data of creative technology, the registered home addresses of Huang kefang and Yu Weizhong are also the same

in addition, Caixin also found that there are several companies engaged in SP services in Nanjing and Beijing, with many shareholders or practitioners from the former Qidong County, Jiangsu Province

insiders said that in many SP companies close to Li Xiangdong, some practitioners also came from Li Xiangdong's mother's family. Caixin

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