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Reinforced flame retardant PBT material: high glow wire, high CTI

PBT material is an engineering material with excellent performance, excellent toughness and fatigue resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, good electrical properties, low water absorption. Strengthening and flame retardant modification can significantly improve its heat resistance, modulus, dimensional stability and flame retardancy. It has the characteristics of high glow wire and high CTI. It is widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical industries

the biggest feature of modern smart home appliances is that they are fully automatic and intelligent, and can complete daily household tasks such as washing clothes, cooking, cooking soup, mopping the floor, washing dishes, etc. without human supervision. The reinforced flame-retardant PBT material is an important material support for modern smart home appliances. In order to realize intellectualization, not only the proportion of diseases caused by construction, design, materials and management of design and electricity is 48%, 26%, 20%, 6% gas, etc., which need to meet the technical standards, but also the plastic used in the internal circuit control system should meet the "double high" requirements: high glow wire and high CTI (leakage trace index)

characteristics of reinforced flame-retardant PBT materials

· high cti

· high glow wire

· high fluidity

· rigidity toughness balance

· good processability

certification of flame-retardant reinforced PBT materials

materials have passed UL yellow card certification, CQC certification, rohs/reach certification, glow wire and CTI third-party test report

application of enhanced flame retardant PBT materials

electronic and electrical fields: connectors, circuit breakers, household appliance handles, electromagnetic switches, plugs, sockets, fuse boxes, coil cores, motor end covers, fluorescent lamp holders, rectifiers, power plugs, electrical components, optical fiber bushings, heads and controllers

automotive field: door handle, bumper, fender, ignition device switch, tail lamp socket, fuse box, direction light switch, coil core, rim cover, distributor cover, safety belt parts, gears, carburetor, automotive underhood parts, etc

industrial parts: OA fans, keyboards, and then the purpose of vibration testing fishing tackle, coil parts, lampshades, spools, camera parts, water meter shells, easily deformable die sticking shells of water pumps, pressure vessels, flow control machines, etc

reinforced flame retardant PBT materials are commonly used in capacitor shells, winding coils of high-end induction cookers, socket connectors of rice cookers, microswitches, timers, coil frames, etc. The components of these appliances, such as capacitor switches and socket connectors, must meet the requirements of electrical safety

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