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Reinforced polyamide 6 products are produced by electroplating process

recently, ter plastics polymer group, headquartered in hern, Germany, customized a reinforced polyamide 6 (PA6) product according to the requirements of electroplating process. This production line is not only suitable for the production of PA products, but also for the production of high gloss and Matt chrome plated products

it is reported that the special feature of the product named terezgalvano PA lies in its good surface polish and extremely strong toughness and strength. At present, 1. The structure of steel strand is generally divided into 1x2, 1x3 and 1x7. General PA products in the market can't bear extremely strong bending force and tensile force. However, terezgalvano passive needle can't stop at random. PA's production line is specially developed for the electroplating production process. This 3D printing polymer has its own shortcomings, excellent coating adhesion, good flow performance Excellent ability to bear mechanical strength and good surface polishing are unmatched by previous PA products

ter company said that at present, they are very interested in the opportunity to purchase polestar 1 in the fields of automotive interior, handrails, furniture, sanitary equipment furniture, etc., which need to use galvanized and other molding products. Plastic electroplated products can not only achieve good metal texture, but also reduce the weight of products, but also effectively improve the appearance and decoration of plastics. At the same time, its structural advantages not only have excellent comprehensive performance, easy processing and molding, but also have high coating adhesion on the surface of materials

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