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Relay the fight against the epidemic, and the beacon fire helps upgrade the network of Malaysia's financial center

Sabah has the reputation of being a windy place. It has tourism resources such as the beach, one of the world's three best sunset viewing places, and the diving holy land of the Aquarium known as God. In 2019, Sabah attracted more than 25.83 million foreign tourists. It is the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia. It still needs a sufficient range of sample sections to characterize the characteristics of the structure. Labuan Island, close to Sabah, is also an important international financial center of Malaysia and a new platform for international exchanges and cooperation along the the Belt and Road

the communication channel from Labuan island to Sabah is mainly a submarine optical cable built 23 years ago, supplemented by microwave, and a 1-integrated industrial 4.0 production system has been obtained. With the vigorous development of tourism and finance, tourists and practitioners on Labuan Island often have poor signals or even network interruption. At present, although online services such as electronic payment have been opened on the island, the network speed and capacity constraints have been affected, which has greatly reduced the experience. Malaysia plans to build a new submarine cable between Labuan and Sabah to solve the problem of poor communication

in 2019, Fiberhome took over the new EPC project of Sabah submarine cable on Labuan island. After investigating the local marine environment and business needs, through marine field survey and desktop research, it completed the customized submarine cable route design and product system design in December 2019. In January, 2020, the Zhuhai marine production base of Fiberhome completed the production of submarine cables required for the project. The original plan was to ship immediately after the factory inspection was completed by the customer in Malaysia and the speed control was not accurate

during the Spring Festival, the epidemic broke out, and Malaysian customers were unable to reach Zhuhai for factory inspection in February. Fiberhome overcame the epidemic and resumed work. Through online channels, the factory inspection content and process were displayed in various ways, and the factory inspection was successfully completed. Affected by the epidemic, the sea shipping date has been postponed repeatedly since mid February. Beacon continued to track and coordinate with shipping companies, and finally caught the first transport ship to Southeast Asia after the epidemic, and completed the submarine cable shipment in early March

at this time, the epidemic in Malaysia was very serious, and the movement restriction order began to be implemented. The government requires people to be isolated at home, factories to be shut down, and construction projects to be suspended. As Sabah is the worst epidemic area in Malaysia, the port of destination has been unable to find supporting receiving resources. Fiberhome immediately began to coordinate the change of the port of destination of goods, completed the arrival, unloading and transportation of goods, and applied for amnesty for key communication projects with local partners. With the approval of the local government and the police department, it was allowed to carry out construction during the epidemic period on the premise of ensuring the safety of personnel and projects. Subsequently, the construction technology team of Fiberhome overcame obstacles and completed the preparation of ships and equipment within 14 days of isolation after landing on the island. At the end of the isolation period, beacon fire organized the construction in an orderly manner and regularly reported the progress to the government and the police station, and finally completed the task within the amnesty period

in May 2020, Sabah submarine cable project on Labuan island was successfully accepted. From home to abroad, from Zhuhai to Labuan Island, Fiberhome spent a year working with Malaysian customers to greatly improve the communication signal of Labuan island. 5) clamp the end of sample 1 into the upper jaw. Although the epidemic raged during this period, everyone's confidence in overcoming difficulties and overcoming the epidemic has never wavered

after the storm, the rainbow will be more colorful. When the epidemic is dispersed and you can visit Labuan Island, how is the signal

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