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Rehabilitation therapeutic apparatus can effectively improve the patient's condition in the process of life repair by "showing their magic powers" rehabilitation therapeutic apparatus is a new physical treatment method, which combines modern digital technology with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine meridian science, and has negative pressure suction. It is easy to use rehabilitation therapeutic apparatus without electricity, acupoints and pictures

if rescue is to make people survive, then rehabilitation is to make people live more decently, and the doctors in the rehabilitation department are the "engineers" of life repair, and the rehabilitation therapeutic instrument is the "sharp tool" of repair. Recently, the rehabilitation department of Shangrao Fifth People's hospital introduced a number of rehabilitation therapeutic instruments, including neuromuscular low-frequency electric stimulator, computer medium frequency therapeutic instrument, short wave therapeutic instrument, computer constant temperature electric wax therapeutic instrument and fumigation therapeutic machine

it is reported that the five rehabilitation therapeutic instruments have their own characteristics and can "show their magic powers" in life repair. Among them, neuromuscular low-frequency electrical stimulator can quickly improve muscle tension, which is suitable for strength training of disused muscles caused by long-term inactivity, surgery or injury. The computer intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument has the functions of analgesia, muscle exercise, improving blood circulation, softening scars, loosening adhesions and so on. The short wave therapeutic apparatus can diminish inflammation and swelling, and is mainly used for the treatment of gastritis, ulcer disease, colitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, peripheral nerve injury, etc. The computer constant temperature electric wax therapy instrument can promote blood circulation and the dissipation of inflammation, alleviate muscle spasm, reduce the tension of fibrous tissue and enhance its elasticity. It can be used for the treatment of soft tissue injury and strain, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, periarthritis of shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, joint activity disorder, etc. Therefore, the fumigation treatment machine enables the drugs to penetrate the patient's affected part directionally under the heating state, so as to give full play to the efficacy. It can be used for the treatment of cervical spondylosis, femoral head necrosis, lumbar muscle strain, rheumatism, arthritis, postpartum virtual products that can be sold at multiple prices for sequelae of cold, etc. to expand the production capacity of synthetic fibers by companies such as intervertebral disc herniation, spondylosis, Asahi Kasei, etc

it is reported that the pain rehabilitation department of Shangrao fifth hospital has successively introduced advanced equipment such as barometer, transcranial magnetic therapy system, biofeedback system, balance assessment treatment system, speech assessment training system, etc. Rehabilitation therapists will assess the patient's condition, and with the help of these high-end equipment, formulate targeted treatment plans for patients with long-term bed rest, varicose veins, cerebral insufficiency, various aphasia, cognitive impairment, etc. through unremitting rehabilitation training, help them restore limb function and rebuild life confidence. This time, the hospital starts with improving the rehabilitation level of patients and adds a batch of modern rehabilitation equipment. The use of new equipment will bring better rehabilitation treatment methods to patients and effectively improve their condition

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