The cause of the failure of Japan's Boqi nuclear p

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According to Kyodo news, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced on the 25th that it was found that the reactor was abnormal and a control rod could not be pulled out when overhauling the internal of Kagyu 6 unit in Kawasaki, Japan, which was affected by the earthquake off the coast of China and Vietnam in Niigata Prefecture. During the maintenance just carried out on the 23rd, the same problem was found in unit 6, which caused errors

internal maintenance is scheduled to be carried out from 16th to 25th. TEPCO said that the sampling frequency is high. The life science department of Lubrizol now needs the electronic universal testing machine. Yan Ge, sales manager of Greater China, is "investigating the relationship with the China Vietnam offshore earthquake". TEPCO will pull out the faulty control rod after taking out all the nuclear fuel and investigate the cause

in October, the control rod of unit 7 of the nuclear power plant could not be pulled out. Tokyo Electric Power said the cause of the fault was that rust and other materials entered the control rod drive device, denying that it was caused by the earthquake

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