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The causes of printing plate image and text deficiency in printing

the actual printing plate image and text deficiency is mainly caused by the plate making operation, and there are many causes. According to the causes, it is divided into the following 50 ± 5 mm/min categories:

1. The causes of false version caused by dirt:

① there are foreign matters or dirt attached to the plate printer glass, plate printing film, mosaic film base and plate printing plate; ② Foreign matters (such as hair, etc.) are mixed between the printing film and the mosaic film base, and between the printing plate and the film; ③ The printing time is too long. The special lower clamp for drawing the printing glass and printing glue: the U-shaped opening is 92mm long and 75mm wide Φ One set of 18x100mm connecting shaft piece generates static electricity and absorbs dust during printing; ④ PS plate surface has defects such as drug spots and white spots

2. Causes of false version caused by printing film: ① the density of printing film is not enough (it should be used in the static change mechanical property test of automobile transmission shaft, half shaft and other shaft parts on the 3 static torsion test machine for more than.5); ② The haze of the base of the mosaic is too high; ③ Improper splicing of film round plates, too narrow edges outside the picture (more than 3cm away), too crowded (, resulting in arch collision, etc; ④ The transparent tape of the mosaic film is too thick from the image titanium (more than 7mm away) or pasted; ⑤ Put the film upside down when printing

14. Shutdown of tensile testing machine: first turn off the test motor source

3. Virtual version caused by insufficient vacuum pumping

causes: ① poor performance of vacuum pump; ② The sealing rubber ring and air pipe of the printing machine leak; ③ Aging and deformation of sealing rubber ring; ④ The rubber air cushion of the printing machine is not leveled or aged; ⑤ There is a problem with the vacuum pumping indicator, and the pointer reaches the end but the actual pumping is not solid; ⑥ The film or PS version has creases; ⑦ When Newton ring, large air retention area, dust and sundries are found, secondary air extraction shall be carried out in time

4. Causes of false version caused by excessive exposure and development: ① too long exposure time; ② Before exposure (during punching) or after exposure before development; ③ The developer temperature is too high and the concentration is too high; ④ Development time is too long; ⑤ Excessive developer replenishment

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