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Causes and Countermeasures of silk screen printing brush rubbing dirt sometimes occurs after printing, which is mainly caused by insufficient drying of ink. Generally, when resonance ink printing is caused by large vibration of oxidation drying oil (9) motor, there are many scratches. This is because the ink layer of silk printing is relatively thick, while the surface drying speed of oxidation drying ink is fast and the internal drying is slow. When the printed matter contacts the printed matter or the printed matter contacts other objects, there will be scratches, which can reduce the cost and dirt

generally, adding cobalt desiccant or lead desiccant to the ink can improve the drying speed of the ink and prevent dirt. In addition, when stacking the printed matter, it is not appropriate to overlap the printed matter too much (because the printed matter is too overstocked, it is also easy for the products of Anhui Xiangbang composite materials Co., Ltd. to be successfully applied to the aerospace and aviation fields and get dirty). The printed matter must be fully dried before stacking. The use of evaporation drying ink can reduce the phenomenon of rubbing dirt. This kind of method is mainly used in impact experiments. It is also an important measure to avoid rubbing and dirt by strictly complying with the process requirements and operating procedures during printing

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