The case of the metallurgical industry of the hott

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The case of metallurgical industry of Kedong products

Industrial Ethernet solution for the automation of metallurgical display switch can complete the high-speed transmission and exchange of control signals and data during the process data exchange, operation status monitoring, system equipment control and other industrial data exchange of the whole system, so as to ensure the sufficient signal connection between each subsystem PLC and subsystem equipment. In the harsh production environment, real industrial Ethernet products can resist various electromagnetic radiation, high temperature, micro dust and other advantages that commercial Ethernet cannot match, and ensure the safe operation of important control systems. With 30 years of research, development and production strength of industrial control network, ctrlink Industrial Ethernet of scientific action can ensure the safe operation of your control network in various harsh interference environments

Kedong Industrial Ethernet solution

1. If these two aspects meet the high standard plug and play switch, the announcement of the company is to launch the new projet MJP 5600 series, which has won the application demand of the metallurgical industry because of its simple use and convenient group

2, bus type, star type and hybrid type networks seem to be particularly suitable for the application in the metallurgical industry. Scientific products make it easy to form optoelectronic hybrid dielectric networks

3. Incomparable system universality and compatibility enable controllers and buses from different manufacturers to complement each other under the platform of industrial Ethernet

4. The scientific products with complete international certification can withstand the harsh field application environment such as high and low temperature, strong pressure and electromagnetic interference, and directly extend the communication network to the production site

5. From 5 interfaces to 24 interfaces, scientific action provides rich switch options, flexible groups and greatly reduces costs

use scientific animal product type

- eisx_ M fastening Management Switch - wide temperature

- Eisb_ M blue forging precision management switch - wide temperature

- EIS interconnected switch

- eimc Mini interface converter

network topology

the bus network composed of scientific and industrial Ethernet production and construction is not standardized and misleading. The structure is clear and convenient. The photoelectric mixed network medium meets the different needs of the industrial site for network distance. Switches with different port numbers are selected to make the group more economical and practical and reduce the cost

application field

- metallurgical automation monitoring field

- control system of steel coil packaging line in metallurgical industry

- coke oven control system

- automatic control system of environmental cooling trolley in sintering plant

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