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Security engineering case of intelligent residential quarter

"Intelligent residential district" refers to a new residential district that takes generic cabling as the basic framework and computer network as the automation of various equipment management in the district through the comprehensive configuration of various functional subsystems in the residential district. It is a high-tech vigorously promoted in the construction of urban commercial housing in China in recent years, and a combination of building technology and multi-disciplinary research achievements such as computer technology, network technology, communication technology and automatic control technology. On the one hand, this technology provides the property management department with scientific and efficient management means and methods like most small and medium-sized enterprises. On the other hand, it also provides the residents with a safe, comfortable and efficient modern living space and environment characterized by simple structure, convenient use, small size, light weight and intuitive reading

the intelligent residential area system is mainly composed of three major parts: security alarm system, network communication system and property management system:

l, security alarm system

security alarm system is one of the important components of intelligent housing. The intelligent residential security system has a high level of automation technology and perfect functions, with high security and reliability. The anti-theft and disaster prevention alarm devices of each household unit are connected with the monitoring computer of the community management center through the network system to realize continuous monitoring. Security alarm includes: access control system, infrared door magnetic alarm, fire alarm, gas leakage alarm, emergency help, closed-circuit television monitoring, peripheral anti-theft alarm, intercom anti-theft door system, etc

(1) access control system: a pair of door magnets are installed at the upper central position of the door frame of the resident's room door. The resident can normally open the door with the key. In case of illegal door prizing, the access control system will send an alarm signal, and send the signal to the community property management center through the home anti-theft host to tell the personnel on duty which building and which type of alarm occurs in which household. The personnel on duty can dispatch security personnel to the site in time

(2) infrared door magnetic alarm: install infrared detector (or glass breaking detector) and door magnetic switch alarm at the position of the door (or window) that is easy to invade. When the suspect pries the door (or opens the door) or breaks the window to enter the room, the monitor enters the working state and sends out audible and visual alarm signals. At the same time, the alarm building, unit, floor The specific location of the household and the basic information of the head of household

(3) automatic fire alarm: intelligent smoke detectors are set in the residential stairwell, elevator front room and living room. The intelligent smoke detectors are connected with the anti-theft and disaster prevention monitoring network system of the community management center. When a fire alarm occurs, the audible and visual alarm will be activated to notify the residents and the community management center to take immediate measures to ensure the safety of the residents' lives and property

(4) combustible gas leakage alarm: install a gas leakage alarm in the kitchen and bathroom. When there is a gas leakage, the alarm will be triggered and the pipeline valve will be automatically closed, and the audible and visual alarm will be started. At the same time, it will be transmitted to the community management center to notify the residents and the community management center to take immediate measures to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the residents

(5) emergency call system: the emergency call button is firmly installed in the living room, bedroom and other places of the residence. When an emergency occurs at home, such as a serious illness or a burglar, and needs help, as long as the emergency call button is received, the management center can immediately send people to the scene to make the residents get timely assistance

(6) closed circuit television monitoring: install surveillance cameras at the entrance and exit of the community, the main (3) gloss channel, the parking lot, the fence and other important places, and transmit the situation of the monitoring area to the management center in real time in the form of images. Through the TV wall, the personnel on duty can know the situation of these important places at any time and store videos

(7) perimeter anti-theft alarm: an infrared radiation alarm system is set up on the enclosure of automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm in the community to build the first protective barrier in the community. When someone illegally crosses the wall, it will give an alarm and trigger the perimeter camera to track the camera and record video

(8) intercom anti-theft door system: a building safety door intercom system is installed at the staircase entrance of each unit in the community. Each household is equipped with a intercom that can control the building safety door. Visitors can talk to the visited residents through the intercom system. Security personnel can talk to the residents directly. Visitors can enter the community only after confirming the identity of the visitors. In high-grade residential buildings, visual building safety door-to-door speaking system can be adopted

2. Network communication system

the network communication system is the God system of the intelligent community. It connects the terminal equipment and management center of each functional subsystem in the community, and connects with the Internet. It provides the community with a channel for information transmission and a bridge for external communication, so as to provide complete animal husbandry management and comprehensive information services for residents

firstly, the residential area should be established to connect the subsystems, and then the area should be connected with the public network. The comprehensive wiring of the community shall fully consider the needs of each subsystem, and include the transmission of data communication, intercom, call, alarm, equipment management and other signals into the bus system. The network transmission media connecting each household in the cell include wiring, cable TV line (fiber-optic TV), power supply wiring and computer network wiring. These transmission media are the basic transmission media of the cell. Among them, the computer network is the focus of intelligent community construction. The network should have very good scalability and expansibility, and can provide residents with international Internet access, property management and other services

in China, the main information transmission networks are telecommunication networks and cable television networks. The ways to access the telecommunication network include digital dedicated line DDN, ADSL and ISDN, which can be selected according to the size of the cell and the actual local telecommunication services. Cable TV is also indispensable in housing construction. Cable TV network has basically realized the "three lines in one" of image, data and voice. All functions of intelligent housing can be realized through a coaxial cable of cable TV comprehensive information. With the development of technology, in the future, whether it is connected to IP, Wen terminal or digital TV, it can be realized as long as it is plugged into the cable TV socket. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the cable TV network to provide intelligent system data communication for the community

property management system

using the network communication system to realize the scientific and standardized property management of the community is an important content of intelligent construction. The property management system mainly includes the following contents:

(1) three meter (water, electricity and gas) automatic charging system: requirements in the key points and technical guidelines for the construction of the national residential district intelligent system demonstration project

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