The cause of the most popular host crash

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Cause of host crash

1. Temperature, CPU, graphics card and motherboard temperature. It can be detected by hand. If the temperature can not be put into your hands after starting the machine to improve the pulverizing level and ability of metal powder, you should pay attention to adding a fan

2. The motherboard is 815ept. Then its aging degree may be relatively high. Look at the capacitance around the CPU. Is it strong on the top, or it has risen

3. Has the BIOS been upgraded??? If not, use DOS system to upgrade BIOS first

4. Check whether the DOS system can crash. Play more Polaris under DOS system and focus on non discounted car design and technology for a while

5. The biggest suspect is the motherboard. And they are North Bridge and South Bridge chips. After entering the initialization mode and the test is successful, we start the robot to press the two chips hard. It may be a poor contact or an error in processing a large amount of data

6. There may be less memory problems, but there are also some. Test method: try another one

7. Finally, there is the software problem. I strongly despise those who reinstall the operating system immediately. The software conflict problem is whether you have installed many (more than two) kinds of anti-virus software. Then you have to reinstall the system. Second, did you delete some software, many of which are extended services of Windows2000, WINXP or Win2003. If it is deleted but not removed from the service, it will be automatically loaded after startup (it is certain that the loading is unsuccessful, so it will be loaded continuously), resulting in severe resource, short service life and heavy occupation. Third, have you used this machine for a long time. It has aged

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