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"Is it reliable to exempt design fees for decoration?" "I heard that XX decoration company has launched a new decoration design fee free project. Have you ever experienced it, true or false?" Similar to this problem, in Wuhan Decoration Forum( can be seen everywhere on the

it is reported that with the development of real estate, due to the professionalism of home decoration companies, more and more new home owners find decoration companies for professional design. Some decoration companies in Wuhan have also launched new activities of decoration free of design fees, which has confused many owners. Owners have posted for help in Wuhan Decoration Forum. So is the decoration free design fee a pie or a trap? The editor of Wuhan home decoration network interviewed the person in charge of Wuhan Decoration Association

the person in charge said that there are no less than 500 decoration companies, large and small, in Wuhan. Each decoration company wants to take a share in the limited market of Wuhan, which leads to increasingly fierce competition among decoration companies. In order to seize the market, some decoration companies have launched the slogan of "free design for decoration" or "maintenance for N years". In fact, there are hidden traps in the "free design" of new house decoration. Consumers should be trained to be golden eyed and beware of wool coming out of sheep

Wuhan home decoration network also reminds consumers that the design fee is charged according to the area, ranging from more than 10 yuan to more than 20 yuan per square meter, and the design of ordinary home is estimated to be about 1000 yuan. Therefore, some new owners often hand over the decoration project to such companies in order to covet this petty profit

in fact, the so-called "free design" is often a designer who copies the ready-made design drawings similar to the owner's house type from the Internet. Generally, it will not be customized for the owner, but the design cost will be included in other charging items, such as labor cost, material cost, and finally "sheep's hair comes out of the sheep". If we want to provide original and good design for customers' new houses, designers will spend a lot of energy, not only to fully communicate with the owners and know their preferences, but also to rack their brains for the house type and draw sketches and renderings. The workload is heavy, so this customized design cannot be free




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