Precautions for ventilator installation

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The purpose of the ventilator is to remove the moist and dirty air in the room, which has the effect of adjusting temperature, humidity and feeling. If the ventilator is installed improperly or not installed well, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the later use. Do you know the installation knowledge of ventilator? I have compiled some knowledge about the installation of ventilator to let you know the importance of ventilator installation as a warm reminder to consumers

Encyclopedia of ventilator: precautions for ventilator installation

I. exhaust fan installation

before exhaust fan installation

1. Before fan installation, carefully check whether the fan is intact, whether the fasteners and bolts are loose or fall off, and whether the impeller collides with the hood Carefully check whether the fan blade or shutter is deformed or damaged during transportation

2. When installing and selecting the air outlet environment, it should be noted that there should be no too large obstacles within 2.5-3M opposite the air outlet

exhaust fan installation

1. Stable installation: pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan when installing the fan, and adjust it to the level and stability between the fan and the foundation plane The motor must not tilt after installation

2. When installing the fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a position convenient for operation In order to adjust the tightness of the belt during use

3. When installing the fan support, make sure that the support and the foundation plane are horizontal and stable. If necessary, install angle iron next to the fan for re reinforcement

4. After the fan is installed, check the sealing around it. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with sunlight plate or glass glue

exhaust fan installation is completed

1. After installation, check whether there are left tools and debris inside the fan Move the fan blade by hand or lever to check whether it is too tight or rubbed, and whether there are objects that hinder the rotation, and whether there are abnormal phenomena, then the test run can be carried out

2. If the fan vibrates or the motor has “ Buzzing ” The abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena should be stopped for inspection, and the machine can be started for use after repair

II. Precautions for exhaust fan installation

1. Ceiling duct ventilator should be installed on a solid ceiling and firmly connected with the ceiling. If possible, rubber pads can be padded to reduce the noise caused by vibration

2. The pipe of the pipe ventilator cannot be bent within 0.5m from the interface

3. The pipeline of the ducted ventilator shall not have more than two large bends less than 90 degrees in the whole process

4. The pipe of the pipe ventilator should not be reduced in the middle. Otherwise, the air volume, air pressure and motor life will be affected

5. The angle of the pipe of the pipe ventilator should not be less than 120 degrees in the bending process, otherwise, the air volume, air pressure and motor life will be affected

6. The window wall ventilator should be firmly fixed during installation to avoid vibration and noise

7. When installing the window wall ventilator, there should be no wall or other obstructions within 0.5m outside the air outlet

III. how to determine the installation position of the toilet exhaust fan

1. The exhaust fan should be installed as close to the original air outlet as possible, which conforms to the principle of shortest pipeline

2. The exhaust fan should be installed as close to the position where odor and moisture are generated as possible, which is in line with the principle of the highest efficiency

3. The exhaust fan should not be installed directly above the shower part, otherwise the air flow will make the body feel uncomfortable, and when the temperature is low, the heat loss is large

4. The installation position of exhaust fan should be considered in combination with ceiling modeling, blocking, lighting, etc. in terms of aesthetics

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