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The wall cabinets with scattered layers and bright yellow cabinets of the same design enhance the focus of visual transformation, and the flower wallpaper, high saturation colors and gorgeous patterns on the wall are good ideas to dissolve the sense of emptiness

not all gorgeous colors must be bright colors. Adding a little gray will make the whole look more elegant. The dishes on the table can be purple and green, but the colors must not be too many to avoid too messy and complicated visual effects, and crystal clear glassware is a good match. At this time, spreading a tablecloth with cute Shuiyu dots can well coordinate the gap between the color blocks

whether it's pure white or lake blue, the floor and walls adopt large-area color blocks, together with sofa, carpet and backrest bag with flower patterns. The color system adopts progressive colors from pink to purple to coordinate and unify the appearance

if you want to change the style in the bedroom, you can consider changing the colors of the walls and floors first if you start from the big point. The wallpaper with the same color as the bedding is lined with striped patterns mixed with milky white, light blue and earth color, and looks chic and lively with the silhouette of branches and birds. The original thick blanket can be replaced by linen carpet, which can be matched with the same color bag

the wooden floor and double bed in the bedroom look fresh and bright because they are all pure white, and the walls are divided into two by a bright and dark blue gray, forming a contrast. Although the Roman numerals on the clock plate are ancient, they have a unique charm. The Striped backrest bags are unified in the pink purple system, revealing a warm atmosphere without making too much publicity

green grass wall color, matched with log tables and chairs, shows a natural style

white space and large color patches

clean lines and simple and lively colors can always easily outline the indoor style vividly. The use of raw wood tables and chairs that have not been polished can also increase the cordial sense of nature. If you don't like too many colors, you can leave most of the indoor space and furniture blank, and use the colors of the same tone to make clever decorations to create an elegant and fresh effect




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