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Recently, some media published the article "the 12billion" luxury decoration "storm of Xi'an city wall", which attracted widespread attention from all parties to the protection and development of Xi'an ancient city wall. On the 29th, the Xi'an city wall management department released an open letter to the media on its website, saying that its report was seriously untrue, and that the "ten billion decoration plan" was taken out of context. While making a solemn protest, it asked the media to clarify the news

News Review: the 12billion "luxury decoration" city wall of Xi'an people oppose experts' claims of disaster

the media questioned the 12billion "luxury decoration" of Xi'an city wall

the city wall Management Committee: the city wall only writes about protective repair and opposes improper commercial development

the article "the 12billion" luxury decoration "storm of Xi'an city wall" published by the media said that on April 16, Qujiang New Area of Xi'an released a news, The overall improvement plan of Xi'an City Wall scenic area with a total investment of about 12billion yuan has been preliminarily completed. According to the plan, the four gates on the world's most complete ancient city wall will be transformed into four museums in Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties; Sculptures of ancient soldiers standing or lying on the city walls, arrow towers and enemy towers vividly depict the attack and defense scenes of the ancient city walls

in this regard, the Xi'an city wall Management Committee indicated in its "letter to < times weekly > asking for clarification < Xi'an city wall 12billion" luxury decoration "storm >, that the Xi'an city wall Management Committee has never issued a" 12billion decoration of the ancient city wall "announcement, announcement and similar information. The plan for soliciting opinions and suggestions this time mainly refers to the transformation of Shuncheng Lane, Sanxue Street, forest belt around the city, moat, etc. around the city wall, Not the walls of the city walls

in terms of the city wall, it is also emphasized that the city wall is a national key protected cultural relic, rather than a general scenic spot. The focus of the city wall protection and surrounding environmental transformation this time is the transformation of the surrounding environment. The regulations on the protection of Xi'an city wall will be strictly observed, and the city wall body will only be used as a protective repair, without other additional construction, and we will resolutely oppose the improper use of the city wall and the commercial development of destroying the city wall body

for the question of "where does 12billion come from", the management committee said that 12billion has nothing to do with the city wall itself, which belongs to the investment in urban environmental transformation, and there is no need to involve the city wall itself in a far fetched way

the reconstruction of the city wall needs the consent of public experts

the management said that the 12billion investment is far from enough, and no amount of investment is worth it

in addition, the Xi'an city wall management committee said that it has publicly solicited the reconstruction plan of the Xi'an City Wall scenic spot from the society since April 6. At present, it has collected more than 1000 opinions and suggestions from all over the country, and these opinions will also be transferred to the planning unit after sorting. At present, the plan for the protection of the city wall and the improvement of the surrounding environment is still under further discussion. Once there are preliminary results, they will be made public again in the media to solicit the opinions and suggestions of the general public, and make scientific and prudent decisions through special meetings such as public hearings, expert demonstrations, and review meetings of cultural protection agencies

the spokesman of Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area Management Committee said in an interview with the media: "we will strive to protect the city wall, provide citizens with a clear water surrounding the city, and transform the traffic conditions and landscape construction around the city. The investment of 12billion is far from enough. In order to protect our city wall, no amount of investment is worth it."

the management committee reserves the right to investigate the legal responsibilities of relevant media and journalists involved in inaccurate reports




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