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After buying a house, we have to decorate it. So, which quarter of the year should we choose to decorate the house

1. Paint spraying is not affected in winter. The quality of the paint directly affects the final effect of the decoration. As the indoor heating in winter dries the air, the paint dries quickly, which effectively reduces the adsorption of dust particles in the air. At this time, the paint effect is the best

2. The humidity and temperature in winter are suitable for the plates widely used in decoration. Such as sandwich board, all kinds of plywood, and gypsum products such as gypsum board, gypsum line, etc

3. The moisture content of wood in winter is the lowest, and the degree of drying is the best. In this season, wood is not easy to crack and deform. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will also test the wood and its construction quality. Generally, it only takes a month or two, and the potential quality problems (such as dryness and deformation) will be reflected in time. At this time, before painting and handover, the construction personnel can modify or dismantle it immediately, so as to ensure the quality of wood decoration for a long time

pay attention to the following matters:

1. After the decoration of the house, the owner can put a basin of clean water in each room to increase the indoor humidity and prevent cracks on the wall, top surface, furniture, etc. from drying too quickly

2. In case of strong wind and cooling weather, oil work should not be carried out to avoid affecting the paint effect. The wall and top coating should be adjusted as much as possible

3. Pay attention to fire prevention in winter decoration. Garbage should be cleaned at any time, wood chips, wood chips and other inflammables should be cleaned at any time, paint and other items should be placed separately in the balcony and other ventilated places

4. As the ventilation degree during construction in winter is not as good as that in other seasons, some harmful gases will remain indoors. Under the condition that the room is well ventilated, check in after a period of time after the completion of the project

5. When decorating in winter, the door seam should not be too small, so as to avoid being tight and lax in summer. The gap of wood flooring should also be appropriately larger

at present, most of the decoration is in mid spring, early summer and early autumn. In fact, the influence of season on decoration is mainly reflected in temperature and humidity. I think the best season for house decoration can be from March to August (the off-season for decoration). As long as we consider avoiding Chinese traditional festivals such as Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other family reunion days, it will not affect the construction workers to go home for the festival, and avoiding dampness and rain in the transportation of materials, it is the best season for decoration

the decoration harvest is greater from March to August

in the past, "decoration in rainy season should be careful, and it is best not to decorate in rainy season", this concept has become an iron theory in people's minds. However, although decoration in rainy season is troublesome, as long as you pay more attention, there is no big problem, and decoration in rainy season can achieve some unexpected gains

some insiders believe that decoration has more advantages in the rainy season, which is specifically reflected in:

1. An expert from the China Interior Decoration Association said that it is a misunderstanding that decoration cannot be carried out in the rainy season. In fact, decoration in the rainy season also has some advantages: first, for decoration in the rainy season, decoration companies will take good preventive measures, generally let their best workers do it, and have more experience in dealing with moisture-proof and anti-skid, The process will be more refined. From rainy season to autumn, it is a "time-lapse" process after the completion of home decoration projects. Projects with high problems will gradually be reflected, and problems will not be exposed as soon as the winter heating season, just like the decoration in autumn

2. Experts believe that from March to August, the sales of various decoration materials such as floor tiles, stones, wood, plates, sanitary ware, lamps and furniture are in the off-season, so it is more suitable to save material investment. At this time, the labor cost is relatively low and the staff is sufficient. The effect of decoration mainly depends on the level of construction personnel. The key to achieve the best effect with good materials is human operation

3. For engineering units, in peak seasons, decoration companies are generally busy, and there will always be places that they can't take into account more or less. The rainy season belongs to the off-season of decoration, when the company's manpower and energy will be relatively abundant, and the management of project quality will be relatively strict. They will attach great importance to design, material selection and construction, so the service and project quality will be better




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