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Whether a home looks beautiful or not depends on the color and collocation of soft clothes. But most people don't know the law of color matching, let alone create beauty by feeling

whether a home looks beautiful depends on the color and collocation of soft clothes. But most people don't know the law of color matching, let alone create beauty by feeling

there is a simple color matching rule, namely 631 rule

6 refers to the main color, 3 refers to the proportion of roles, and 1 refers to the proportion of key colors. According to this color proportion, the tone of the home will be more balanced and advanced, giving people a refreshing and comfortable feeling

no.1 black and white gray

black and white is the most basic, simple and classic matching color, black is deep and solemn; White, bright and clean

gray has a mild and neutral feeling. It is a universal color, which can be matched with any color, and can also help the harmonious transition between black and white, the two extremely opposite colors

chapt 1

large area of white (gray) + a little black

white or gray dominated space, dotted with black, will present a quiet and harmonious atmosphere

chapt 2

large area gray and black + a little white

dark gray and black are the main ones, making the space more advanced

chapt 3

black and white gray + log color (brown)

black and white gray without color with log color or brown, not only will there be no monotony that may be brought about by color, but also adds a natural flavor. It is recommended to keep the ratio of log color (brown) to no color at 1:1

chapt 4

black and white gray + a little metallic color

black and white gray (log color) space is decorated with metallic color. There are eye-catching highlights in simplicity and elegance, which is also a very common collocation scheme

no.2 blue

blue is the cool color of youth, but it shows a free and positive attitude. It is the most popular color in the world. No wonder it has become one of the most used colors in decoration

chapt 1

blue + achromatic

walls, sheets, pillows and other shades of blue are matched with white, gray and brown, which is refreshing with a calm atmosphere, giving the impetuous heart more space for free release

chapt 2

large area blue + a little pink

blue + pink, is a pair of classic CP combinations. Curtains, walls, pillows and other different levels of blue with light powder, cold and warm match, rigid and soft, and then supplemented with mild colorless, the whole space gives people a sense of elegance and comfort

chapt 3

large area blue + a little yellow

blue and yellow are the most commonly used color matching. Because yellow is a weak color, changing its purity will make the overall effect less strong, so generally adjust the purity of blue, and bright yellow is the best for yellow

chapt 4

large area blue + a little yellow, pink

blue is the main tone, and then decorated with the classic CP color of yellow, pink and other blue, which is not messy, but brightens people's eyes

no.3 pink

when you mention pink, you should think of a room full of girls' pink, right? In fact, pink is also a very versatile color in the home. It can also have amazing effects when matched with other colors

chapt 1

large area pink + blue

cold and warm collision, not only has no sense of conflict, but is more fresh

chapt 2

large area pink + achromatic

matching pink with achromatic can present a simple and elegant style without considering the color matching proportion

no.4 green

chapt 1

green + colorless

black and white gray is injected with the same unassuming green, low-key and advanced, which makes people feel warm while fresh

chapt 2

large area green + blue

light green meets blue, giving the space a natural sense of freshness

no.5 yellow

yellow gives people a warm feeling, but because it is as eye-catching as red, the use of bright yellow in a large area will make people restless

so if yellow is the main color, try to use white beige, cream yellow, or grayscale turmeric and other low-purity yellow

chapt 1

Yellow + log color (brown)

yellow, together with log color or brown, can set off a warm and natural atmosphere to the greatest extent

chapt 2

Yellow + a little blue, green

three sofas, choose three colors respectively, the visual temperature is just good, lively and warm

"color is thought", Russian painter Repin said that in the tangible space, daily life and daily life belong to the trivia of life, and color is your own philosophy

no matter how big your home is, don't ignore color matching. Quickly collect the color scheme shared by Xiaobian and color your life brightly

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