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With the rapid development of the times, people's living standards and consumer demand continue to rise and improve. The "homogenization" phenomenon in the market accounts for the majority, and the quality of door and window products alone can no longer meet the psychological needs of the vast majority of consumers. Guanhao door and window editor believes that door and window manufacturers should add more emotional things to product innovation and enhance the connotation of door and window brands

meet consumers' emotions and improve brand connotation

with the development of the times, consumers' consumption behavior has also changed. What are the main aspects of these changes

market consumption is divided into three stages: the first is the consumption stage of "quantity", the second is the consumption stage of "quality", and the third is the consumption stage of "emotion". At present, consumers of household products in China have basically come to the third stage, that is, the emotional consumption stage. When people buy aluminum alloy door and window products, they have not only pursued the functional value of the products, but also want to decorate their homes more warmly and emotionally through aluminum alloy door and window products

as a benchmark manufacturer of healthy aluminum alloy door and window customization, its door and window products should be given a certain "emotion", an emotion that can resonate with consumers. It is a well-known consumer brand

craftsman spirit, creating a new era of doors and windows

human beings are an emotional animal, which is not only reflected in communication, but also incisively and vividly reflected in life. How to grasp this so-called "emotion"

that is to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship. In the fast pace of life, the public is generally full of longing for a comfortable home life. Therefore, it is the fundamental for the later development of manufacturers to pay close attention to the personalized products of consumers' psychological needs and adhere to personalized innovation. From product marketing to emotional marketing, manufacturers' marketing training focuses not on spreading and inculcating brands to dealers and cultivating their business capabilities, but more on cultivating dealers' ability to 'meet customer needs'. It is precisely because the door and window manufacturers are not only superior in performance, but also become reliable objects in the eyes of consumers that they have an advantage in market competition. "

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