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BenQ Zhulu Yangli electronic workflow management case

I. Introduction to Yangli electronics

Yangli Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise by Taiwan businessmen, with a registered capital of US $10.5 million. On March 18, 2002, the company was officially established in Xiangcheng economic development zone. The company mainly produces wireless local area cards, acce

ss points (access points), wireless routers, wireless broadband, wired broadband, PCI cards, Mini USB, network adapters, Bluetooth products and other wireless network access devices. Its customers include at t, TOPCON, Motorola, D-Link and other famous multinational enterprises

Yangli has always been committed to the construction of informatization. In July2004, it joined hands with BenQ to introduce guru eflow, start business process automation, and accelerate enterprise application integration (EAI)

II. Problems encountered by enterprises before import

1. It is difficult to process a large number of documents

as a manufacturing enterprise, Yangli electronics needs to manage the attendance of a large number of online workers. Before workflow software was applied, HR staff had to spend most of their energy to deal with a large number of leave and overtime documents every day. After the assistants of the production line filled in the documents uniformly, they began to look for the supervisor for approval everywhere. Sometimes they ran threeorfour times, wasted oneortwo hours, and failed to complete all the signing processes. At the same time, they also delayed other work, and sometimes they ran the wrong process because of different types of leave or overtime, It delays the time of other processing personnel in the process. After all the signatures are completed, HR ladies have to be busy entering these signed documents into the HR system. Because of the large volume and high frequency of occurrence, sometimes they have to work overtime at the end of the month to get rid of these documents before the salary is calculated

2. The system is difficult to integrate

Yangli electronics is an enterprise with a high degree of informatization, so we manufacturers should establish a sense of society. Large and small systems are responsible for the daily operation and administrative management of the company. For example, in terms of production and operation, Yangli adopts the CO, fi, PP, mm and SD modules of sap, and uses a set of domestic HR software in administrative personnel, It also uses an independent system to manage engineering changes and other matters. Faced with these discrete systems, the flow and integration of data has become a problem. Large and small systems have become "islands of information"

III. solution - Automatic PP microcellular foamed polypropylene plate processing + system integration

1. Personnel process automation, integration with HR system

guru eflow realizes the automatic processing of a large number of documents for Yangli, including leave application and overtime application

first, the assistants directly submit the application form in guru eflow. At the same time, they can also get some statistical data, such as providing the number of overtime workers and meals in the overtime form, and providing the information of the year's leave in the leave form, which can provide some reference and basis for the applicant, the approver or the final handler. (see the figure below)

the form will automatically select the correct sign off path according to the pre-defined process; The approver will receive the sign off reminder sent by the system. After clicking the relevant link in the email, he can process it on the corresponding page of the system. After submission, the document will automatically flow to the next phase without human intervention. (see the following figure mainly based on the consideration of cooperation with toda)

after all the signatures are completed, guru eflow will automatically write the qualified documents into the HR system, and the HR attendance specialist can directly browse the overtime information in the interface

2. Key business process automation and integration with ERP

item number application is a very important link in the electronic manufacturing industry, which is related to production management and quality control. Since Yangli's item number is under the unified control of the Taiwan headquarters, each branch finally applies to the Taiwan headquarters through its own internal process. Once the application is confirmed, it will enter the sap or other production and manufacturing systems of the group. All localities can see the updated item number list in the PR application (see the figure below). Guru eflow facilitates the real-time flow and interaction of such data

IV. import process

1. Confirm the internal process that needs e-ization most.

select the process with the highest internal utilization rate and the widest range of use to start importing. Yangli chose the overtime application form as the first stop of business process automation. This process has the largest number of users and the widest range, so it has achieved the most significant benefits

first, we select the HR personnel attendance team as the manager of this process. As the publisher of rules and the collector of requirements, they are responsible for confirming the development specifications of the process

after the preliminary prototype is designed, Zhenglu's consultant, Yangli's system introduction team and key processors in the process review the form and process together, and put forward opinions beneficial to the applicant and processor

this process is repeated until it can fully meet the needs of Yangli and lay a good foundation for the smooth operation in the future

2. Education and training

the education and training provided by BenQ Zhulu is not only the use of a form, but also the knowledge of e-process. We divide education and training into two levels: one is for end users, which mainly enables users to change traditional operating habits and accumulate e-experience; For the system maintenance personnel in the IT department, it mainly enables them to independently use the platform tools provided by Guru eflow to plan new processes and continuously promote the process automation of the enterprise

3. Strong support from senior management

during the trial operation, Yangli's department heads, deputy IT managers, even the factory director and deputy general manager gave great support. They actively use guru eflow for approval or operation, cooperate with some changes in habits, and urge department employees to implement e-process

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