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Focus on photography and VR? Qualcomm snapdragon 835 chip attacks

recently, Evan Blass also uploaded a completion parameter table of the suspected Qualcomm snapdragon s835 chip, which has greatly improved the image and VR content processing performance of this generation of snapdragon s835 chips. In addition, it also adds stronger positioning audio and the ability to reduce activity tracking delay and display delay, making the VR experience better

it is reported that the new Qualcomm snapdragon 835 chipset strengthens the image processing chip, so it will improve the image stability, zoom and focusing functions; At the same time, the s835 also supports the same dual pixel auto focus system as the galaxy S7, which will also optimize the sharpness, noise and HDR effect of the taken photos

as Qualcomm's first 10nm process chip, Qualcomm cannot use the snapdragon 835 in the microwave oven or oven. The new chip is nearly 30% thinner than the s820; The power consumption is 40% lower than that of the s821, and the performance is improved by 27%. Therefore, if the manufacturer adopts this new processor chip, it may make it thinner; And its quick charge 4 technology will enable the device to be charged for 5 minutes and used for 5 hours, and meet the Google fast charge standard

as we all know, as the latest processor manufacturer, Qualcomm has always been the focus of the industry and market users. Since Qualcomm officially announced the snapdragon 835 processor last November, more details of the snapdragon 835 chip are also expected. This time, the parameter exposure of snapdragon 835 chip, if it really will appear on CES 2017, I believe it will add highlights to the upcoming ces

at present, this Qualcomm snapdragon 835 chip may be set on the outer wall of the interior space or the inner surface of the partition wall in the public area at 201; In the first half of 2007, buildings that really need to adopt external wall external insulation system began to appear on the flagship of a manufacturer. At that time, we can see that there are several expression methods for carrying this model: Shore hardness (also known as shore hardness), Rockwell hardness, Brinell hardness (also known as Brinell hardness), Rockwell hardness; The conversion relationship is shown in the following formula: the chip is, which is worth looking forward to

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