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Focusing on "nuclear" technology to boost industrial upgrading - 2012 Yanxiang new product technology national tour seminar Dongguan station

a Barbie doll sold in the United States is $10, but it is produced in China. China has earned only $1, less than The famous economist langxianping's analysis of China's industrial situation in 2009 is still enlightening. The 6+1 industrial chain analysis tells us that China's industrial chain upgrading is imperative. In the industrial field which also relies on high-tech and high integration, the R & D and innovation of core technologies have become the most important, and we must pay attention to safety

as a leading manufacturer of special computers, Yanxiang has continuously launched national independent innovation products, formulated and guided domestic industrial equipment manufacturing standards, and has multiple advantages. Every year, 10% of the revenue of Yanxiang is used for the R & D and innovation of Yanxiang's core technology, so that the nuclear technology, like the rising sun in winter, shines on the world. Its intelligence, reliability, expandability and wide application are bound to comprehensively improve the comprehensive strength of partners at all levels and boost the industrial upgrading. Based on this significance, the first stop of 2012 Yanxiang national tour Seminar on new product technology was held in Dongguan

on May 25, Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel, as a leading computing platform manufacturer at the automation control end, EVOC held the first nuclear technology -2012 new product technology application forum seminar. Centering on the core technology and sharing the theme with heart, the forum conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with Dongguan industrial partners at all levels on this top and most professional occasion in the automation field. More than 500 guests attended the forum, and even embedded senior engineers came from Beijing. The meeting lasted about four hours and was well interactive. It was successfully held in a warm atmosphere

after the meeting, Mr. zhangbengang, general manager of Guangzhou Branch, first thanked the guests and delivered an opening speech. In his speech, Mr. zhangbengang reiterated the purpose and significance of Yanxiang intelligent nuclear technology -2012 new product technology application forum, shared the new opportunities and challenges brought by the surging tide of integration of industrialization and industrialization, cloud computing and IOT during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and resonated with many guests present. Looking at the industrial situation, in China's industrial transformation, embedded intelligent equipment manufacturers are becoming the most active group sensor, which is a very important part of torque testing machine The measurement accuracy of a good sensor will be more accurate, and the error will be controlled within the standard range Quality is a very important entity. If we grasp informatization, we can grasp the core of economic transformation. The stable and efficient embedded intelligent system of Yanxiang can provide strong core competitiveness for the wave of industrial upgrading, meet the changing automation and intelligence needs of various industries, and help the adjustment and upgrading of industrial institutions

throughout this core technology application forum, the product managers of Yanxiang patiently and professionally answered the questions and suggestions put forward by the guests, from the sharing of Yanxiang core technology to the display and introduction of stable and efficient master computer system, and finally extended to the application of solutions of Yanxiang products in the fields of energy source, IOT, rail transit, factory automation, network communication, etc. The meeting also mentioned the technology application sharing of Microsoft, a long-term strategic partner of Yanxiang, which deepened the guests' recognition of Yanxiang technology and the new opportunities and changes brought about by industrial cooperation

during the meeting, Mr. yanyicheng, the product manager of the marketing center, shared the application cases of Yanxiang products in rail transit, which made the guests present highly recognize and support the application of Yanxiang's core technologies. The core technology of automatic fare collection equipment for urban rail transit stations in China was originally from abroad. In recent years, it is the leading domestic special computer manufacturers represented by Yanxiang that have broken the limitations of the application of this core technology through independent research and development and independent innovation

as a revolutionary product in the field of AFC system terminal application, Yanxiang erc-1005 is an embedded complete machine for the main control unit of rail transit AFC system terminal equipment. The system architecture adopts the design scheme of module board + backplane, and the connection between modules adopts European pin connection to ensure a highly reliable operating environment; The fan free low-power design, the shell adopts sheet metal + aluminum alloy structure, with small size, compact structure and excellent heat dissipation performance; Rich interface functions and convenient expansion and maintenance; It has excellent sealing, dust-proof, heat dissipation and vibration resistance

this product, Yanxiang erc-1005, has been widely used in major metro rail transit in China, such as Beijing No. 4, No. 10, No. 13, Olympic branch line, Olympic venue ticket checking, Daxing line; Extension lines 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 1 of Shanghai Metro; And Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shenyang and other major trunk metro lines

intelligent co creation, integration and symbiosis; Core technology, sharing with heart. With incisive technical analysis, full and accurate case sharing and rich practical experience, the whole forum deeply analyzed the core technologies of the embedded intelligent platform (system), and shared the most cutting-edge and mainstream embedded intelligent products and technologies with the guests present

Yanxiang intelligent, nuclear technology -2012 Yanxiang new product technology application forum, next stop, Luoyang, June, we look forward to your participation

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