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Zhengzhou station focusing on packaging and printing came to an end on November 6, 2012, with the development of China's economy and the improvement of living standards, people in Zhengzhou have an increasing demand for exquisite packaging, which has brought unprecedented business opportunities to the packaging and printing industry, and also brought more severe challenges under the conditions of high humidity in the south. How to produce distinctive products and outshine others among many competitors has become one of the most concerned focuses of printing manufacturers. As a leading printing solution supplier in the world, Roland, together with Henan Meijia Color Printing Co., Ltd., helps customers in Zhengzhou and even Henan to create a new operation mode with all-round value-added printing solutions and differentiation strategies, and takes the lead in the packaging and printing market with its proud advantages

the event was highly valued and strongly supported by Henan Packaging Technology Association and printing manufacturers. The leading guests at the meeting included Dr. liwujun, Secretary General of Henan Packaging Technology Association, Mr. zhangxianfeng, general manager of Henan Meijia Color Printing Co., Ltd., Mr. zhangjianfa, general manager of north area of Roland printing equipment department and manager of Beijing Branch, and Mr. Shangyu, senior sales manager

as before, we will further expand the flat sheet printing market with innovative solutions and exquisite German manufacturing technology. Mr. zhangjianfa, general manager of north area of Roland's printing equipment department and manager of Beijing Branch, introduced Roland's recent situation and business strategy. In addition, it will have a negative impact on the natural environment. Through leading printing technology, high-performance printing equipment and a full range of solutions, To provide global customers with perfect solutions covering the field of commercial printing and packaging printing to meet the changing market demand, and help customers stand out in the fierce market competition with excellent printing effect

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