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Seven classic experiences of selecting and purchasing sanitary ware during decoration

seven classic experiences of selecting and purchasing sanitary ware during decoration

bathroom is the key in decoration, and ceramic sanitary ware is the most key product of bathroom, so its selection and matching are particularly important

the main varieties of ceramic sanitary ware include toilet, women's washer, face washer, washing trough, mop pool, toilet paper box, soap box, etc. at present, there are many Ceramic Sanitary Ware brands in the market, with great differences in quality and price. When purchasing, you should first have a sense of matching, first determine the standard you want to achieve, and each component or accessory in the kit should be at the same level

determine the drainage mode and installation size of the toilet

before purchasing the toilet, be sure to measure the distance between the center of the water outlet and the wall (drainage mode) or the distance from the ground (back drainage mode) to determine whether the selected toilet is a down drainage or back drainage structure. Only the toilet with the same drainage mode and the appropriate installation size can be installed. The distance between the walls of the toilet outlet shall be equal to or slightly less than the distance between the walls of the toilet outlet (drainage method); The distance between the toilet outlet and the ground shall be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the toilet outlet (rear drainage method)

the style and color of the supporting products must match

the number of ceramic parts in the bathroom is more than one. Only when the shape and color of several ceramic products such as toilet, washbasin, soap box, toilet paper box, mop pool are consistent or close, can they be harmonious and beautiful

carefully select visible

when selecting ceramic sanitary ware, you should master the different requirements between visible and non visible: visible refers to the surface that is easy to be seen by people after the installation of ceramic parts. The quality of visible parts should be strictly controlled, especially in the parts that can be splashed by water during use. The quality of invisible surfaces after installation should not be too critical

three judgments on the appearance quality of ceramic sanitary ware

(1) whether there is crack: use a thin rod to carefully tap the edge of the porcelain piece to hear whether its sound is clear and crisp. When there is a 'hoarse' sound, it is proved that the porcelain piece has cracks

(2) deformation size: place the porcelain on a flat platform, move in all directions to check whether it is stable and symmetrical, whether the mounting surface and the surface edge of the porcelain are flat, and whether the mounting hole is uniform and smooth

(3) glaze quality: the glaze must be fine and smooth with uniform glaze color. The quality of the glaze that can be seen, especially when water can splash wet, is particularly important. Drop a few drops of colored liquid on the glaze and wipe it evenly with a cloth. After a few seconds, wipe it dry with a wet cloth and check the glaze. It is better if there are no dirty spots

ceramic sanitary ware also has water absorption, and the toilet also has performance requirements such as sewage discharge, water consumption, noise, water sealing function, etc. These performance consumers are generally difficult to check and judge. They should try to buy products with quality and reputation assurance, and consult the recent effective quality test report with CMA seal certified and recognized by relevant national departments




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