Packaging from the 22nd UPU Conference

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In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and the 22nd Congress of the Universal Postal Union, China grandly held the "China 1999 World Philatelic Exhibition" in Beijing in August 1999. Philatelic enthusiasts from many countries around the world gathered in Beijing to participate in the last century philatelic event of this century. At the exhibition, beautiful colors, elegant designs, unique pictures and exquisite printing made people dizzying, and attracted many stamp collectors at home and abroad. Among them, the "22nd Universal Postal Union Congress", "underwater world" and "Huangshan" holographic stamps produced by laser holographic technology are even more amazing. It is refreshing with its strong three-dimensional sense and gorgeous luster. The holographic stamp product is based on ordinary paper and makes multi-level images on it. For example, the stamp product of "underwater world" allows us to control the production cost as a whole. Among them, eight fish are on the first layer and the ocean is on the second layer. In this way, it looks as if there is a certain distance between the fish and the ocean. It not only highlights the fish, but also emphasizes the strong spatial effect. These holographic stamps were jointly produced by Beijing Dongfang Jinye company and the 5808 factory of ordnance industry group (Shandong Photoelectric Instrument Factory). 5808 factory is the earliest enterprise in China to produce holographic products. At present, the factory has the world's most advanced production line of laser holographic molded products in the 1990s. The factory has become an anti-counterfeiting packaging base with the largest scale, the highest scientific research level and the strongest plate making ability in Asia. Holographic products can be widely used in food, cigarettes, gifts, drugs, vacuum food and other commodities that need high-quality packaging. As high-grade packaging materials, holographic products have also developed in the application of certificates, calendars, murals, illustrations, stamps and so on. Paper holography, which is unique in China, is a pure green packaging material. The birth of holographic stamp products overcomes the shortcomings of traditional stamp products that are easy to be damaged, not moisture-proof, not sunscreen, difficult to preserve and no anti-counterfeiting measures. Holographic stamp products, with its high-tech content and super large packet capacity, perfectly reflect the ability of real space. With its bright and colorful visual effects and its outstanding but unique special treatment, it has been highly praised by relevant experts and deeply loved by stamp collectors. The experimental machine is a precision testing instrument for measuring the mechanical properties, process properties and internal shortcomings of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts and engineering structures under various conditions and environments, and verifying the dynamic imbalance of rotating parts. Recently, Beijing stamp company grandly launched a large commemorative stamp album integrating national traditional technology and high-tech production technology -- the laser holographic stamp album of national unity weaving and embroidery clothing. The publication of the album indicates the wide use of holographic technology in stamp products. Holographic stamps are concise, lively, changeable, orderly and colorful. It represents a trend, indicates a direction and is triggering a revolution in stamps

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