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China and Russia initialed a large import order of 70billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. Alexei Miller, President of Gazprom, said on the 13th that Russia's natural gas exports to China may be 70billion cubic meters per year, and the price will be set in accordance with Russian natural gas export practices. The two sides may also sign a contract on the export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China next year. This is one of the major achievements of Putin's visit to China, and it also shows that China Russia natural gas import and export cooperation is speeding up

PetroChina told China Securities News: "if the introduced gas volume is determined, the corresponding long-distance natural gas pipeline must be built according to the plan in the future."

According to Russian news, Russia and China initialed an agreement on the export of natural gas from western Siberia, the Far East and the Sakhalin continental shelf to China on the 13th. The western route plan stipulates the export of natural gas from western Siberia to China, and the eastern route plan exports natural gas from eastern Siberia, the Far East and Sakhalin to China

Alexander anayekov, vice president of Gazprom, pointed out that the natural gas supplied to China in the future may be mainly from Yakut gas field, including the chayanjin gas field with a reserve of about 1.3 trillion cubic meters. In the second phase of the implementation of the eastern natural gas plan, this resource base will mainly supply natural gas to Asia Pacific countries. The first phase of natural gas supply mainly comes from Sakhalin

Miller said that the two sides reached an agreement on studying the possibility of supplying liquefied natural gas to China next year. The total amount of natural gas exported to China through the eastern and Western routes is about 7I per year. The software has the function of historical test data demonstration of 0 billion cubic meters, including 30 billion cubic meters in the western route and 38 billion cubic meters in the eastern route. He stressed that the final gas supply will be stipulated in the contract

ananiankov also said recently that the company is vigorously building infrastructure to realize the plan of fully exporting natural gas to China in the next three years

PetroChina pointed out that the existing natural gas pipeline transmission volume in Northeast China is small, while the west east gas pipeline is only 17billion cubic meters after pressurization, so it is certain to build a new long-distance pipeline according to the finally signed agreement gas volume in the future

the price has not been finalized

China Russia natural gas cooperation has twists and turns

as early as 2006, China and Russia signed a natural gas import agreement with a transmission volume of 80billion cubic meters, but it ended in vain. In June this year, Gazprom also said that due to price differences, it would indefinitely postpone the plan to build a natural gas pipeline to China

analysts pointed out that pricing has always been one of the major differences in the cooperation between China and Russia in the natural gas field. At present, China and Russia are negotiating on the price. Miller said that Russia's gas transmission prices to China will be set in accordance with Russian natural gas export practices. He pointed out that the draft document stipulates the principles for setting the price of gas transmission to China, and the price will be set in accordance with international practices, the principles of international trade operation and the export principles of Gazprom

before that, the two sides have discussed the mutual cooperation in the implementation of the eastern natural gas plan, and agreed that there is great potential for cooperation in the field of natural gas chemical production in eastern Russia

analysts pointed out that in recent years, China and South Korea Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. have been closely following up the door project, and Central Asian countries have frequently signed oil and gas resource import agreements and long-distance pipeline agreements, bringing pressure to Russia. By the end of the year, the natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China will be put into use, and the annual gas transmission volume will be increased to 40billion cubic meters

the progress of China Russia crude oil pipeline has also promoted cooperation in the field of natural gas. At the beginning of this year, China and Russia signed a $25billion "loan for oil" agreement, and the construction of the overseas section of the China Russia crude oil pipeline also began

China Russia Energy Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Russian Energy Investment Group registered in Hong Kong, announced on the 12th that it had officially invested in the acquisition of 51% of the equity of Russia's songtar oil and gas company, Thus, the exploration and production rights of two natural gas fields with reserves of 60billion cubic meters in eastern Siberia of Russia - South Berezovsky gas field and cherenjes gas field are obtained, which is shown in a situation similar to the stock rise and fall curve. This is the first Sino Russian joint venture oil and gas company since the signing of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of natural gas between China and Russia on June 17, 2009. Previously, no multinational joint venture could control Russian natural gas fields

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