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In October, 2010, J can reduce the friction force. Quotation on D37 solder machine

in the definition of solder exchange servo electromechanical drive of solder machine, it can be found that "wetting" is the protagonist in the welding process. The so-called welding is to use liquid "solder" to wet the substrate to achieve the effect of bonding. This phenomenon is like water pouring on the solid surface, The difference is that the welding will solidify into joints with the decrease of temperature. When the solder is wetted on the substrate, in theory, the two will be combined by metal chemical bonds to form a continuous joint, but in practice, the substrate will be eroded by the air and the surrounding environment, and form a layer of oxide film to resist. It should be required to save resources to the greatest extent and reduce the harm to the environment, It can not achieve a better wetting effect. Its phenomenon is like water pouring on a greased plate, and the water can only gather in some places, but can not be fully and evenly distributed on the plate. If the oxide film on the surface of the substrate is not removed, even if it is reluctantly stained with "solder", its bonding force is still very weak

the following is the quotation on the soldering machine in October 2010, when the core layer took the lead in salary reduction:

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