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Buy "cheap" building materials more than 20 people in Heilongjiang Province were cheated

buy "cheap" building materials more than 20 people in Heilongjiang Province were cheated

December 30, 2013

[China paint information] log in to the owner forums and groups of major new residential buildings, publish preferential information on group purchase of decorative materials, and let citizens see product information on it. After receiving the order remittance, shut down the machine immediately and "disappeared". Recently, the police of Heilongjiang Province went to Dalian to arrest the swindler Liu who played the new telecom fraud trick

on March 7, the new house bought by Dong in Luobei County entered the house. He saw a low-cost group purchase of bathroom products on the decoration Forum of a station. The material was mainly imported from abroad, so he chatted with a salesperson named "Xinsheng decoration". When Mr. Dong logged into "Xinsheng decoration", in fact, Jinan Shijin's different holding methods of tensile testing machine fixtures are also different. I saw many patterns and prices of toilets, hand basins, bathhouses, faucets and other commodities in the same space. Dong took a fancy to a toilet and hand basin, and remitted 2300 yuan to the other party according to a bank account provided by "Xinsheng decoration". After waiting for more than half a month, Mr. Dong urged the goods, and the other party kept shutting down. Dong realized that he had been cheated. Dong was not the only one who was cheated. During the investigation, the telecommunication Fraud Investigation Detachment of the Criminal Investigation Corps of the provincial public security department found that 24 citizens in Harbin, Daqing, Mudanjiang and other places were cheated one after another, with a total amount of more than 40000 yuan. Investigators from Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau found that the place on "Xinsheng decoration" was in Dalian

on December 12, the police went to Dalian to arrest Liu and found a large number of bank cards on him. Liu, 323.3 years old, is from Inner Mongolia. He has not been able to find out the cause of fatigue damage. There is no fixed occupation. He likes to soak in it at ordinary times. He explained that since October, 2010, he has specially logged in to some new owners or major decoration forums, published advertisements for group purchase of decoration materials, publicized "goods" he didn't have to rush to decorate owners, and cheated them of ordering and remittance

at present, the police are investigating every remittance of Liu's bank card. Liu has been under criminal detention, and the case is under further trial

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