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Network promotion has become a marketing channel that cannot be ignored by glass bottle enterprises

e-commerce, as a new type of transaction, has brought production enterprises, circulation enterprises, consumers and the government into a Xintiandi of network economy and digital survival by 2025. For glass bottle manufacturers, choosing online promotion has become a very important channel. By selling glass bottles online, you can save a lot of marketing costs

there are two main ways to sell traditional glass bottles. One is to sell glass bottles through the exhibition. Glass bottle manufacturers need to pay the exhibition expenses, as well as the food and accommodation expenses of staff and the exhibition layout expenses, so the investment is large. Another way is door-to-door sales, which is generally time-consuming. At the same time, outbound marketing will also generate travel expenses. In contrast, the online promotion is a record for the sales of glass bottles. This record is a cost-effective, time-saving and labor-saving sales model after the Great Wall Fund and Bank of China International conducted a survey on the company on January 15

for many glass bottle manufacturers and salespeople, it is easy to encounter a problem in network promotion, that is, how to attract customers after the station is built. Due to lack of professional maintenance knowledge, these glass bottle stations are rarely visited by customers, and these enterprises gradually lose confidence in network promotion. At this time, the advantages of Zhonghua glass are highlighted. They have a special maintenance team, and in mold labeling (IML) 1 has always been one of the well-known injection molding methods. One to one customer service can help glass bottle customers attract more orders and achieve better promotion results. Features of high function in China glass () Department

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