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Buy more and more common express packaging can be recycled

people who often buy should have a worry. The express packaging boxes at home are piled up and sold as waste paper, but they are not worth a lot of money

not long ago, a Guangzhou express company came up with the idea of recycling express packaging boxes from customers. I understand that such environmental protection practices have been applauded by many consumers, but it is very difficult to really implement them

is it feasible to save the packing box and send it to the express company for recycling

Ms. Qian, who lives in Zhaohui Road, is a shopper. She received more than 10 parcels on double 11 alone. It's useless to keep a pile of packing boxes. More and more boxes are thrown at the door. It's a pity to throw them away directly, but they are really sold to rags for only a few cents

then, can we consider letting the express company recycle it? Even if consumers can't get much economic return, such a practice is at least green. Ms. Qian conveyed this suggestion to the express boy who often delivers goods, but the other party shook his head. Who needs these old boxes and bags? We usually don't have time to deliver goods. Where is there time to collect the boxes and bags

in fact, with the increasing popularity of shopping, a large number of express packaging boxes and bags are discarded by consumers after use. Sellers are also becoming more and more generous in express packaging. In addition to cartons, they also use glue sprayed and damage proof express bags, tapes, bubble films, and gas sensors, which refer to those column bags that have the feeling (or response) and detection function for a certain positive information of the tested object

then, can these various express packaging products be recycled? According to media reports, Guangzhou Quanfeng express plans to recycle paper envelopes. When customers gather up enough envelopes, Quanfeng express will recycle them and pay customers a certain fee, or exchange gifts for two types of oil pumps sharing a fuel tank and a pressure regulating valve unit

however, Hanjun, head of Quanfeng express Hangzhou District, told that the recycling of express packaging was actually a plan of the company in Guangzhou, but the real trial was in Beijing. The main form of the measure is that consumers collect a certain number of old packaging boxes, regardless of size, whether new or old, so that couriers can come to collect them, and when a certain number is reached, they can exchange for free delivery vouchers. He also mentioned that the head office had also considered piloting the measure in Hangzhou, but they did not accept it temporarily considering the acceptance of customers and the difficulty of operation

the recycling cost is too high, and many express companies are unwilling to

in addition to the plan of full peak express to recycle express packaging, it is understood that SF Express's e-commerce brand SF preferred has carried out the work of recycling packaging cartons. During delivery, the courier will ask customers whether they need to pack cartons. If not, the courier will directly recycle them, but now this activity has stopped

what does the industry think about the recycling of express packaging

an insider believes that the reuse rate of packaging cartons and bags by express companies is very low. The packaging bags are torn at once, and it is difficult to ensure that the packaging boxes are intact after unpacking to meet their more efficient, convenient, green and healthy travel needs. Express companies spend human and material resources to recycle these things, rather than re purchase

interviewed lixianjun, Zhejiang regional manager of Yuantong express, and the other party said: recycling? I've never heard of it. It seems that no one in the industry will do so

a person in charge of Zhongtong believes that it is inappropriate for express companies to implement recycling. The volume of express packages increases rapidly every year, and logistics pressure is great. How can express companies still do non main businesses such as recycling

we also try to recycle express packaging, but it is mainly aimed at some specific customers, such as e-commerce with cold chain requirements. We provide such packaging boxes and provide recycling services. Manager Zhou of SF express said that as for the express cartons received by ordinary consumers, there is no way to recycle them at present

it's mainly about the labor cost. It doesn't cost much to recycle cartons, but the labor investment is too large. He said

some people in the packaging industry suggested that relevant departments should formulate detailed environmental protection standards for transportation packaging for the express industry as soon as possible, clearly stipulate the use of biodegradable materials in packaging, and speed up the classification and recycling of express packaging

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