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The Chinese Internet retail market may surpass the United States this year. Nie Linhai, deputy director of the Department of e-commerce and information technology of the Ministry of Commerce, said at the 5th China Mobile Payment Industry Forum 2013 held today that from the speed of development in these years, the Chinese Internet retail market is likely to surpass the United States and become the world's largest Internet retail market this year

according to Nie Linhai, the retail market in China has grown rapidly, with the market size reaching 7825 in 2011. In terms of the current situation of China's plastic industry 600 million, more than 1.3 trillion in 2012, with an average growth rate of nearly 100% in the past five to six years

at the same time, e-commerce also maintained a high growth. In 2011, the total scale of e-commerce transactions reached 5.88 trillion yuan, more than 8 trillion yuan in 2012, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10000, and an annual production capacity of 300000 tons. The tensile testing machine adopts microcomputer closed-loop control of 30%

Nie Linhai believes that the future e-commerce will show several major trends, such as high integration of terminals, mobile services, professional payment networks, intelligent logistics, etc

China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs. A few years ago, the development scale of e-commerce was very large, but it was still in the primary stage. From now on, e-commerce should gradually standardize and develop healthily. It will be the construction of an e-commerce ecological chain, which will be more and more perfect in all aspects. Nie Linhai said

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