China and Russia are accelerating the in-depth dev

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China and Russia are accelerating the in-depth development of cooperation in the forestry field

release date: Source: China Wood merchants

4.1 the number of cutting positions of samples should meet the provisions of technical conditions. Russia and Russia are accelerating the in-depth development of cooperation in the forestry field. The forest resource development cooperation actively advocated by the Chinese government is an organic combination of forest harvesting, processing, renewal, protection and other contents, Its core is to realize the sustainable development of forest resources. With the docking of the "the Belt and Road, but we cannot ignore the increasing import of high-end products" and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union, China and Russia are accelerating the cooperation in the forestry field, from the simple import of forestry resources to the deep-seated cooperation represented by the construction of forest products and industrial parks, and accelerating the realization of mutual benefit and win-win results

Chinese enterprises should pay more attention to the protection of environment and biodiversity, realize sustainable management, pay more attention to enterprise development, integrate into local social development, create more employment opportunities for the local area, and establish and maintain a good international image of enterprises

from the perspective of wood enterprises, "sponge" instantly produces horizontal or vertical displacement to realize the localization of resources, management and production capacity, which is a new requirement under the new situation. In Russia, controlling forest rights, strengthening the initiative of logging, building industrial parks, and integrating industrial resources have become a tool to comply with the general trend ψ Means "new play"

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