Market overview of ethyl acetate and butyl acetate

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Summary of ethyl acetate/butyl acetate Market in mid December

summary of butyl acetate Market one week (December) because of its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 1.1 million), it can also test the friction coefficient

this week, the butyl acetate market fell significantly from the beginning of the week to the weekend, with a decline of about 200 yuan in each market, The main reason for the decline of the market is the weakness of the upstream acetic acid and n-butanol markets, and the gradual weakening of the downstream factories and traders' intention to receive goods. After the takeover during the rise, the current manufacturers have a certain inventory. With the decline of costs, butyl acetate is difficult to maintain a high level, while the vinegar manufacturers' profits are more objective due to the low cost before the rise, and the subsequent decline of the market, In order to reduce inventory, manufacturers have repeatedly lowered prices, and the market mentality has gradually turned cold; From the upstream point of view, due to the rampant low-cost goods in the n-butanol market, the price has gradually declined. It is expected that the development history of battery extrusion testing machine will fall to half of the original increase around the beginning of January, and the market for vinegar will continue to be weak. It is expected that the market for vinegar will continue to decline next week, with a range of about 200 yuan

weekly summary of the domestic market of ethyl acetate

this week, the decline of ethyl acetate Market is relatively limited. Although the large decline of the upstream acetic acid market gives the market a certain short intention, the steady rise of the upstream ethanol market has led to the rise of ethyl acetate Market, but the decline is small. As for the manufacturers, the supply of goods in the market is relatively stable due to the insufficient operation of the devices and the limited output. In addition, the downstream purchase intention is acceptable, while some merchants have purchased in large quantities during the early rise, and there are also goods sold at low prices in the market, as well as spot purchase and sale. Therefore, the transaction price difference is too large, resulting in a slight confusion in the market. It is expected that the overall market will usher in the consolidation stage after the early rise, but there is no significant change in the stability of demand. It is expected that the market will continue to consolidate as the latest main market next week, still fluctuating in the yuan/ton range

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