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Prospects for China's waste recycled plastics market in 2005

in 2004, the soaring price of global plastic raw materials drove a previously unnoticed market - the waste recycled plastics market. In the context of the sharp rise in new materials, the price of waste plastics has also increased. In 2004, the price of new materials rose from an average of 2000 ~ 3500 yuan/ton to 4000 ~ 8000 yuan/ton, an increase of more than 50%, almost equivalent to the original price of new materials. Therefore, insiders generally believe that the waste plastic recycling industry will have greater development in 2005, and will become an industry worthy of attention and investment in the plastic industry

the waste plastic market is generally optimistic for the following reasons:

1 The waste plastic market has a strong consumption capacity and great growth potential. In 2004, the output of plastic products in China exceeded 25million tons. Due to the rapid rise in the price of new materials, the use of recycled materials in production has greatly increased. At present, domestic waste plastics are far from meeting the market and still need to be imported in large quantities. It is estimated that in 2004, the import volume of waste recycled plastics in China was about 4million tons. Many plastic processing enterprises with low profitability in China will use and balance raw materials as much as possible. Therefore, the consumption of waste plastics will continue to grow in 2005

2. Recycled plastics industry is a new industry, and there is no monopoly enterprise. This is very conducive to the growth and development of small enterprises. The existing enterprises are basically small workshops. This is also an important reason for the insufficient supply of waste plastics for many years. This just provides space for China's recycled plastic enterprises to develop on a large scale

3. Renewable materials have rich sources, low production costs and considerable profits at the current price level. According to the statistical data of the National Plastics Association of China for different materials, the recovery rate of plastic products in China is less than 10% according to the calculation of products enterprises above designated size. If the products produced by small and even workshop type enterprises are included, the actual recovery rate of plastic products in China, the actual length of glass fiber (i.e. the preservation length of glass fiber) in abs+gf materials, is always far less than the length of raw glass fiber by less than 1%

Darius Adamczyk, President and chief executive officer of Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group, said: "regulators around the world are taking various measures to deal with climate change. 4. The country's attention to environmental protection has created a good social environment for the recycling of plastics. In 2004, China clearly put forward the development idea of" green GDP ", And introduce specific policies to support and encourage the development of circular economy

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