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As one of the three major printing bases in China, Wenzhou has developed its printing equipment level from only monochrome 01 gap oil overflow machine 20 years ago to now has a number of advanced printing machinery and equipment at home and abroad. The development of printing industry in Yongjia, Longgang, Ouhai and other areas of Wenzhou has driven the development of local post press finishing industry. At present, the post press equipment in Ruian City accounts for 70% of the domestic market, and there may be rust, corrosion and other phenomena, mainly in the production of flat indentation machine, bronzing machine, UV polishing and oiling machine, paper cutter, die cutter, laminating machine and so on. For example, Ruian Dapeng printing machinery factory mainly produces various types of paper cutters to realize industrial utilization and commercialization of raw graphene

in Rui'an City, in addition to Dapeng printing machinery factory and Nanfang engineering machinery factory, there are Haiyan printing machinery factory, Wutai Group, Jianshe printing machinery factory and Qiangqiang printing machinery factory, which are the industrial pillars of Rui'an City

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