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Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous deepening of the reform of the socialist market economy and the rapid development of science and education, the printing machinery industry has ushered in the best period of development. Over the past 20 years, the total industrial output value and sales volume of the printing machine manufacturing industry have increased at a rate of more than 10% every year, and the paid profits and taxes and economic benefits have been ranked in the forefront of the machinery manufacturing industry. The prosperity of printing machine manufacturing industry benefits from the development of publishing, advertising, packaging and other industries. It is the development of these industries that makes the printing industry expand most rapidly and stimulates the rapid development of printing machinery. In addition, since the late 1970s, the printing industry has started a technological revolution of "farewell to lead and fire", and printing has entered the offset era. Printing enterprises have eliminated backward lead printing equipment, which is the second reason for the vigorous development of the printing machine manufacturing industry. The third and most important reason is the development of socialist market economy, especially the development of private economy, which enlivens the commodity economy and expands the market for printing machine applications, thus promoting the development of printing machine manufacturing industry. The establishment and development of the Bakai offset press market began with the production and sales of printing machines for office and education. Bakai offset press products first entered government agencies and schools to replace or partially replace stencil mimeograph equipment. After the advent of the technology of duplicating water-based version by copier, octavo offset press has won the favor of users for its rapidity and quality. After the octopus offset press solved and improved the overprint accuracy, its commercial use was recognized by users, so the two-color, multi-functional small offset press was developed. A sign of the development of Bakai offset press is that the market has stimulated the growth of output: in 1997, the output of Bakai offset press was about 3500; In 1998, the output jumped to 5038 sets; According to incomplete statistics, the domestic output of small offset printing machines in 1999 was about 5385 units, an increase of more than 7% over 1998

another sign of the development of Bakai offset press is the growth in the number of Bakai offset press enterprises. By the end of 1999, there were 25 domestic offset printing machine manufacturing enterprises, from the original three pillars of beiren, Yingkou and Weihai to the current enterprises of Yingkou, Weihai, Weihai Bintian, beiren, Weifang Huaguang and Duoyuan. Some enterprises that originally produced business card machines also expanded their product specifications and began to produce 16 and 8 offset printing machines, joining the offset printing machine manufacturing industry. In addition, some enterprises that were not originally in the field of printing machine manufacturing, such as aviation, agricultural machinery, electronics and other industries, have also begun to produce octa offset printing machines. In recent years, some technicians have organized themselves to produce octavo offset presses. These rising stars often adopt marketing mechanisms closer to the market, socialized cooperation methods, and flexible promotional means, so they develop particularly rapidly. At present, the annual output of some emerging enterprises has increased by 30% - 40%; There are also enterprises. Ten sets were trial produced and put into production at the first time, and the planned goal of producing 100 sets was put forward in the second year. With so many enterprises and such high output, insiders are generally worried about the future of eight liver offset press. In this regard, the author believes that:

1. All products with domestic market often attract many investors, merchants and dealers to enter the market and participate in the competition. When the market is saturated, the product supply exceeds the demand. From high industrial yield to low industrial yield, the temperature is too high, that is, stretching will burn the human body, then the production and marketing balance will appear. But soon thereafter, there will be a situation of oversupply. When this situation occurs, some enterprises will face changes in production and bankruptcy. In this regard, the development history of domestic household appliance production is the best example. For this reason, the production scale of octavo offset press should not be expanded, let alone continue to blindly follow up and follow the old road of repeated construction. Enterprises with a certain technology and market base should constantly improve product quality, reduce costs, improve product market competitiveness and expand market share

2. Domestic products can basically meet domestic needs for monochrome, multi-functional octavo offset press products. Due to price and other factors, there are relatively few imported products. Qualified enterprises should establish a quality assurance system as a means to formulate internal control acceptance standards higher than industry standards, strive to improve the grade of products, and strive to improve the stability and reliability of products. Domestic Bakai small offset printing machine manufacturing enterprises should also make great efforts in improving appearance quality, implementing 13 safety certification, building export-oriented service system and product agency system, etc., and strive to sell their products abroad and occupy a place in the international market. In this regard, Yingkou Guanhua offset press Co., Ltd. has done a good job. At present, they have achieved the batch export of small offset presses, which has led to a good start for the printing machinery industry in the picture. In terms of improving the quality of Bakai offset press, Yingkou, beiren, Weihai and other enterprises have passed ISO9000 quality system certification. It should be said that the product

) quality star is guaranteed

3. In recent years, octavo offset presses have been used commercially 5 Effective experimental width (mm): the proportion of 400 printing, personalized printing and short version printing has increased. Therefore, the market demand for multicolor octal biting J machine is also increasing. However, only a few domestic enterprises can manufacture multi-color small offset printing machines. At present, the market space is still relatively large. Some foreign products have taken advantage of the situation and monopolized the high-end machine market. Some domestic manufacturers, such as beiren group, have tried hard to develop four-color octavo offset printing machines and have successfully trial produced them, but they did not continue to do so because of various factors, which is a very regrettable thing. It's not too late to mend the situation. Now it's time for domestic enterprises to make up their minds to develop multicolor octavo offset printing machines

4. The high-tech products that compete with octavo offset printing machines are digital printing machines. Among them, one is developed from the copier, which adopts the methods of sample scanning, wax plate making and printing, and can be completely developed into a combustion product with a smoke density less than that of monochrome office printing; The other is developed from offset printing machine. The sample sheet is scanned, laser plate making (or plate free) and printed. It is used for multi-color commercial printing. Several sets of these two kinds of equipment have been imported in China, including Heidelberg, ideal and Israel's direct plate making and plate free printing machines. Digital printer representative_ The development direction of Guangzhou printing press will coexist in the same market with copiers and inkjet printers in the future. The division of the market will be determined by the development of various products. It is understood that Huaguang Precision Machine Co., Ltd. of Shandong Xifang has developed a digital printing machine in China. This is a new attempt of domestic small offset machine manufacturers to move towards the digital field. We should wish them success

5. In the early stage of the production of Bakai offset press in China, people have gone through the stages of imitation, introduction of technology, Sino foreign joint venture and so on, and the products are still branded with foreign brands. In recent years, Bakai offset printing machine market is booming, and enterprises that started by imitation are swarming. Therefore, most products still retain the shadow of China Eastern Airlines, leyoubi, Hamada and other foreign products. Everyone is almost a pair of faces, without their own characteristics. With the development of printing industry, personalized printing is also a development direction. This requires product development to have its own characteristics in the aspects of book opening, paper feeding method, registration, printing speed, function and so on, and obtain its own exclusive intellectual property rights. In this way, it can play its own brand and stand in a stable market

in short, market demand is multifaceted and multilevel; There is no end to the development of science and technology; Users' desire for products is also increasing. Enterprises must constantly improve their management level and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of all aspects. Although the market sales of Bakai offset press are good, some backward products have begun to backlog, and the production and sales rate of some enterprises is declining, which should be paid attention to. Of course, among many printing machinery products, the technical quality of Bakai offset press products is relatively mature. Like domestic household appliances in the early stage of developing the international market, as long as we closely follow the international technology trend and actively explore the international market, domestic bagan offset press products will surely occupy a place in the world market

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