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Market positioning of printing enterprises in the new situation Peter Drucker, known as the master of management masters and the father of modern management, has two thought-provoking words about the market positioning of enterprises. One sentence is: uncertainty is not terrible. The key is that managers must learn to grasp the opportunities for development and change in uncertainty. Another sentence is: the purpose of the enterprise is outside the enterprise, that is to create customers. What they have contributed to customers and created is the basis for enterprises to position themselves

these two sentences accurately answer the two major problems encountered by the printing industry at present

Firstly, with the development of science and technology, the uncertainty of the printing industry is increasing. People's reading habits are changing, printing technology is changing, and the way of circulation is also changing. In the face of this series of uncertainties, what should we do? Where is the way out for the printing industry, especially the book printing industry? The master's answer is: seek development opportunities in uncertainty

second, the master told us that in the face of the changing market, the basis of the enterprise's own positioning is to clearly answer what our enterprise has created? What can you contribute to customers? If these two problems are clarified, the positioning of the enterprise will be clear at a glance

change - the market requires printing enterprises to actively provide more services

if the leaders of printing enterprises want to find development opportunities in the uncertainty of the market, they should first clearly understand the difference between the printing industry in the era of knowledge economy and the era of industrial economy? Only by understanding the differences in the market positioning of the printing industry in different times and actively adapting to the changes, it is possible to find the development opportunities of enterprises. Then, in the era of knowledge economy and industrial economy, what is the difference between the market positioning of the printing industry? In a word, the biggest difference is that the return of the industry has changed, the cycle cycle of thermoplastic composites has been shortened and the production cost has been reduced. The market requires printing enterprises to actively provide more services than before

after entering the era of knowledge economy, some people call the current printing as an emerging industry integrating information technology, creative design and processing services. It not only has the side of traditional printing that provides processing services for others and belongs to the secondary industry, but also has the side that is connected with information technology and creative design to provide customers with a package of services and belongs to the tertiary industry. Some people call it "2.5 industry"

for enterprises, a correct understanding of this change in printing attributes means that they need to adjust their market positioning and internal settings accordingly; It means that traditional printing enterprises should make full use of developing information technology to provide related services for customers; We must consciously extend the industrial chain to provide customers with the greatest convenience

for this fundamental change in the printing market in the era of knowledge economy, the sooner the enterprise leaders realize and adjust, the sooner the opportunities to participate in market development should be heated; The more, the stronger the profitability of the enterprise. On the contrary, after the positioning of the printing industry has changed, enterprises still linger in the tradition, and do not adapt to the changes in the situation, then it is bound to cross the more difficult days, the narrower the way, until they are ruthlessly eliminated by the society

change 2 stand on the customer's position to help customers understand the market

in the new era, as an emerging industry between the secondary and tertiary industries, the printing industry must take providing customers with the most satisfactory service as the whole of the enterprise. In the past, the printing enterprise is what you asked me to accomplish, what I helped you accomplish, and the creativity is entirely in each other. Now it should be, what is needed in the market, what I help you design, and jointly develop and serve the market with customers. Only when customers' products are accepted by the market can printing enterprises develop with the development of customers. Printing service enterprises without printing factories have emerged in Shanghai. Their main responsibility, Wertheim of Germany, is to help customers understand the market and provide ideas from the standpoint of customers until they are accepted by customers

it should be admitted that this is a new service concept put forward by the prescient printing enterprises with the progress of the market. It should be noted that it is impossible to put forward the market demand and be prepared for service before the customer. It is impossible to do this without the idea of serving the customer wholeheartedly

compared with enterprises that still stay on the basis of the original processing services, the operating philosophy and services of such companies certainly make customers more satisfied. This is the new requirement of 2.5 format for printing enterprises

change 3. Use information technology to provide value-added services for customers

traditional printing enterprises focus on production and light design, or there is no design department to meet customer requirements at all. Now, this requirement has been put in front of all printing factories. Customers need printing enterprises to help them complete all planning, and there are several schemes to choose from

this practice undoubtedly greatly facilitates customers, but for printing enterprises, the establishment of corresponding professional design institutions has become a prerequisite for printing enterprises to undertake business. Moreover, the business condition of printing enterprises depends on your design ability. The stronger the creative design ability, the more business enterprises can contract, and the higher the processing price. On the contrary, they are still satisfied with the traditional processing production and are very busy, but they are low-level and micro profit. The difference between the two is obvious

printing is positioned as a 2.5 industry, which means that enterprises should make full use of information technology to provide value-added services to customers. Yachang group has built a traditional printing enterprise into a new enterprise integrating traditional printing, it, culture and art, which is to seize the opportunity of network development, take the people's art service as its own responsibility, and use information technology to provide more and more convenient services for artists and the people who are interested in art. The result, of course, is to win more customers and attract service objects that do not belong to the printing industry

in the era of knowledge economy, many opportunities are given to brave entrepreneurs who dare to innovate, develop and be first. In the changing times, people in the circle need to jump out of printing to see printing more, break through traditional thinking and create more novelty

change four enterprises consciously extend the industrial chain

providing convenience for customers is also the requirement of the new positioning for printing enterprises. Since printing is an industry between the second and third industries, it should not only complete the product processing with due diligence like the traditional second industry, but also make customers feel the greatest convenience like the third industry belonging to the service industry

if customers want to turn their ideas into products, enterprises should provide real samples according to customers' needs. Customers need to deliver the final products to customers, so printing enterprises should develop logistics networks and do everything possible to provide customers with convenient and in place services, so that customers can be 100% satisfied

what do entrepreneurs do? Drupa, the master of management, set four tasks: first, set goals, second, be willing to communicate, third, be good at assessment, and fourth, be good at training. Among these four tasks, setting goals is undoubtedly the most critical. Only by setting goals accurately can we organize employees through communication, improve production efficiency through assessment, and improve employees' technical level and work spirit through training. Therefore, doing the right thing is much more important than doing it correctly. Effective managers have both. Positioning is to ensure that entrepreneurs do the right things and avoid doing things correctly under traditional thinking. As a result, it may be in vain because of inaccurate positioning. All entrepreneurs should try their best to avoid this

what to contribute and create for customers is the basis of enterprise positioning. Knowing that the positioning of the printing industry has changed under the new situation, you can think about the positioning of the enterprise from the perspective of what your enterprise can contribute and create for customers. If the positioning of the enterprise is accurate, the profitability of the enterprise will be enhanced, and it is possible to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise more. Improving the profitability of enterprises and fulfilling the social responsibility of enterprises are both what entrepreneurs should strive to pursue

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