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In recent years, with the popularization and application of agricultural science and technology and the promotion of various types of pesticides, the topic of pesticide packaging improvement has attracted more and more attention, and pesticide research departments and manufacturers have also done a lot of work to improve pesticide packaging. However, according to the survey of Shanxi Yuanping Consumer Association, no matter how to improve, two basic problems that farmers are most concerned about have not been fundamentally solved. One is the direct contact between farmers and pesticides when spraying, and the other is the measurement of pesticides when spraying. We can provide test design, fixture design, control system evaluation, data collection and result analysis. Rigid polyurethane foam reinforced coiled material composite insulation board for building insulation. Therefore, as a pesticide research department and manufacturer, these two problems may be the focus of breakthrough in the future improvement of pesticide packaging

according to relevant information, a water-soluble airtight plastic packaging bag is used to make pesticide preparations into quantitative small packages. When using, just immerse a certain amount of drugs in sufficient water, the packaging bag can dissolve itself, and the drugs will be evenly dispersed in the water. This method can completely eliminate the direct contact between farmers and pesticides when spraying pesticides. It is said that there is a gap in lubrication conditions in China, and a water-soluble plastic packaging bag that can transport liquid pesticide preparations has been successfully studied, hoping to be put on the market as soon as possible and serve agriculture

in foreign countries, there is a kind of packaging bottle with a built-in meter. When using, you only need to squeeze the medicine bottle by hand to make the medicine liquid rise into the meter through a tube. After reaching the required dosage, open the cover of the meter and pour the medicine directly into the water, so that the medicine can be accurately measured in the process of entering the spray from the medicine bottle, and avoid direct contact with farmers, killing two birds with one stone

can we learn from foreign ones? Some of them hope to be listed as soon as possible, which is the expectation of farmers to improve pesticide packaging in the field of new materials

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