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How to evaluate the HD hard disk of kaibor K9 4K Blu ray player? Eight core 3D next generation built-in hard disk

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configuration characteristics of Khyber K9 4K Blu ray player HD hard disk player [View official preferential quotation]

Product Name: Khyber K works hard 9 4K

number of CPU cores: eight cores

memory capacity (ROM can be roughly divided into: stretching fixture, tightening fixture, zigzag fixture, stripping fixture, shearing fixture, etc.) : 16GB

brand: kaibor

kaibor hard disk player model: K9 4K

package type: official standard configuration

platform type: Hunan Radio and television

architecture type: A53

chip brand: rockchip Ruixin micro

running memory ram:2gb

Color Classification: Black

common fault 7: support format: h.2654mpeg2meg2peg1avivo brmvbmp3wmmpegawmmpeg peflacmkv

storage mode: external storage type

output resolution: 3840x2160

player classification: hard disk player

subtitle format: asssrtsubssapgs

overall dimension: 200*160*66mm

weight: 0.6kg

interface type engineering measurement specification GB 50026 (9) 3: network interface WiFi HDMI fiber coax color difference avusbsata

operating system: Android

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