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At present, China's "the Belt and Road" and other national strategies continue to release positive results, domestic infrastructure construction, rail transit in the field of transportation, highways, airports, ports, large venues and other projects have started steadily, the country's promotion of prefabricated buildings, the installation of a large number of steel structures, etc., and the rigid demand for aerial work platforms is very obvious after the test

the development of aerial work platform models will gradually become diversified and intelligent. Now there are many models that can be listed back to the oil tank. At present, the hydraulic drive, electric drive, ordinary shear fork, off-road shear fork, vehicle mounted, curved arm, straight arm, crawler, etc. are the products of market application and engineer wisdom When there is a demand for application scenarios, manufacturers have the corresponding design of he:705 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac. The requirements of application scenarios are getting higher and higher. In order to work efficiently, various adaptive models need to be designed, such as crawler cars. Crawler cars have the natural advantages that wheeled cars do not have, do not pick up terrain, and easily cross the insurmountable obstacles of wheeled cars. Although crawler cars have existed for a long time, their application and promotion are not so extensive, The current market needs this kind of car, which accelerates the launch of this kind of car, such as the off-road shear fork with four-wheel steering. The birth of these functions is not utopian. It has certain application scenarios when it exists

new models of aerial work platforms, these "post-2. Accelerated loading waves", are bound to experience some twists and turns. There are also certain reasons for the development of intelligent aerial work platforms. In the era of big data, every vehicle is a data source, and collecting these data is the basis for future realization. Now the GPS on the vehicle is a positioning device for users, but in fact it is not. It is also a small controller, which can collect and transmit data, Provide rich data flow for the background, which is the most important for manufacturers or people who need it

the wireless and convenience of aerial work platforms is a trend. In order to operate more conveniently, there will be more wireless controllers, but these intelligent promotion should be based on the stability of aerial work platforms. Otherwise, these cannot be widely promoted or used. The "back wave" of aerial work platform models and "front wave" will be active in the market one after another

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