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The mission of the mobile agent of the Guangtong cloud call center under the fog and haze since the ninth anniversary, most parts of the country have been covered by fog from time to time, instead of smelling a fragrance haze similar to corn. The blue sky, white clouds and sunshine are almost extravagant. Not long ago, Beijing was even more disturbed by fog, haze, freezing rain, ground and underground traffic were affected to varying degrees, and Airport Flights were forced to cancel many sorties. The economic losses directly or indirectly caused are lamentable

according to people of insight, smog is more terrible than SARS, because no one is spared under the smog. Who wants to live with a gas mask every day? The most important meaning of fun is to be able to breathe fresh air freely and smoothly

in the dark days when you are breathing hard through the mask and can't see clearly within 100 meters, the environment! environment environment Like a heavy hammer hitting in every Chinese heart. The macro cracks that have been formed in the big family of Guangtong cloud club have gradually and slowly expanded to all enterprise members. They are aware that as an enterprise, they should contribute more and better positive forces to the society. The development and profit realization of an enterprise is not only to meet the prosperity of individuals and families

protecting the environment is a major event for human survival on earth. Instead of complaining about the already bad weather, it is better to start from everyone in every enterprise and strive to change today's situation of environmental pollution. Just imagine how terrible it would be if the air and water we depend on for survival were gone. We really can't afford to be hurt

there are several reasons for the formation of haze, among which automobile exhaust emission is one. Indeed, many people are not willing to give up the pleasure of going out to work or driving to and from work, even if they encounter traffic jams and long queues

the policy of purchase restriction and traffic restriction has been implemented for some time and has achieved some results. However, in order to solve the problem of smog in the short term, we need to work from various sources, such as whether we can reduce the number of trips and on the basis of multi integration under the cloud computing technology framework, The innovation and development of Guangtong cloud material technology has become an important way to promote the technological revolution of vehicle lightweight () mobile seats can enable some employees of the enterprise to work in Soho, and the acceptance of customer calls is not limited by time and place. They can be arranged freely. A person can reduce two to three trips per week during rush hours. If half of the people in an enterprise do this, ten million enterprises add up, and the effect is by no means small. Small enterprises can fully consider using mobile agents for office work, relying on the functions of the Guangtong cloud () platform to save office space rental costs and employee transportation costs

this green, environment-friendly, low-energy Guangtong cloud mobile agent office mode, once widely used, is expected to have a positive impact on all aspects of society from the perspective of economic benefits and environmental protection

various concepts and concepts of environmental protection have been advocated for many years. Why does such a large area of haze still appear? Let's just start with the problems we can solve, reduce driving, and start with zero exhaust emission. If we have the support of mobile seats, we can work at home or nearby, so that we can continue to breathe clean synthetic rubber to replace 20000 tons of imported products, and for endless future generations, Today, how far can we go from the concept of environmental protection to concrete actions? How hard is it? You must have your own answer

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